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Indian sabongs dissatisfied


Indian sabongs unhappy with killing owner by slitting his throat

In a bizarre and bloody case in West Bengal, eastern India, a powerful sabongs was dissatisfied with the owner’s frequent forcing himself to fight, and then launched a ferocious revenge. As a result, the sharp blade tied to its leg unfortunately cut the owner’s throat and eventually caused his death.

A friend of the deceased Sinrai Surin said that under normal circumstances, the owner would let the sabongs rest for at least an hour between the two fights, but Surin would catch the “criminal” chickens every few minutes. During the game, the sabongs tried to leave the field several times, but they were all pushed back by Su Lin. In the end, the sabongs, who had only won 4 games, got so upset that they attacked the owner.


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every game won

According to the locals, the owner of the sabongs will receive a reward of 28 pounds for every game they win, and at the same time they can take the killed 888online sabong home to cook and eat. Under normal circumstances, the owner of cockfighting will treat this kind of “treatment”. are very satisfied.

Murder sabongs missing

At present, the whereabouts of this murderous sabongs are unknown, and the local police are launching a “wanted” for it, and warned the villagers to be careful of “unowned sabongs with black and red feathers”. However, police estimate that the chances of finding the fighting cock are slim. It is speculated that it may have now fallen into the hands of other sabongs players, who are likely to train the sabongs and let it play in the future.

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