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Why your cockfighting eats eggs


Causes and Solutions

Many people who keep cockfighting have encountered the problem of cockfighting eating eggs, which is a fairly common problem in the case of poor feeding management. Here we will tell you what you can do.

The first thing we did was to verify what might be the possible cause of cockfighting to eat eggs. For this reason, we will first mention the most common reasons that trigger this problem, and later we will discuss what must be done to fix it.


Reasons and possible reasons for cockfighting to eat cockfighting eggs

The most common reasons for cockfighting eggs are usually poor diet, bad habits, stress and anxiety, poor management and poor coop organization. We describe each of these issues below.

cockfighting malnutrition

An unbalanced or inappropriate diet can lead to cockfighting eating your own eggs. Cockfighting tends to exhibit behavioral problems related to their diet when their diet does not meet the nutrients they need for normal development, in which case they eat eggs to meet their nutritional needs.

stress and anxiety

Cockfighting birds are very sensitive to change, so they can easily become stressed or anxious, especially if they are housed in very small places and there are too many individuals.

In addition, poor lighting in the pen can cause the hens to feel stressed, and as a result, they will eat cockfighting and may exhibit other types of abnormal behavior.

bad habit

Sometimes some chickens in our pen can eat eggs simply because they have gotten into the habit of doing so. We’ll show you how to break this bad habit later.

Poor house management and organizational practices

Some people who specialize in raising chickens, especially beginners, have the habit of placing the nest on the ground or filling the nest with little things, which makes the hens uncomfortable and starts laying eggs everywhere, which makes the chickens more likely to eat eggs.

Another problem is that breeders don’t collect eggs as often, which makes it easier for animals to develop these poor eating habits.

How to prevent cockfighting from eating eggs

Now that we’ve discussed why chickens eat eggs, we’ll discuss how to prevent or prevent your animal from developing this behavior.

Provide a balanced diet

A good diet that meets the nutritional needs of birds will prevent them from developing the bad habit of craving eggs. Remember to provide the necessary protein, fat and minerals.

The important thing you should know is that chickens are prone to calcium deficiency, especially laying hens, so don’t forget to supplement this element in their diet, in the link below we recommend an article on natural calcium for chickens

We also recommend some ingredients you can provide or add to their feed that can improve the quality of their diet:

fish meal
broad bean
Crushed eggshells (provides calcium).
prevent chickens from being stressed
To avoid stressing your chickens, avoid doing the following:

unusual noise.
Constant changes to the corral or shelter.
temperature change
Too many people in a small space.

Additional Information

Lack of protein – A major problem with eggs for hens is a lack of protein. A cockfighting diet high in protein can solve this problem.

Calcium deficiency – Similar to protein deficiency,cockfighting calcium deficiency is one of the main reasons why chickens eat eggs. If you’re throwing away eggshells, you might consider collecting them now. Feeding your hens eggshells will be a great supplement to increase their calcium needs.

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