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cockfighting game

Chicken Game is actually a mistranslation

Chicken means “coward” in American colloquialism, and Chicken Game should be translated into a game of cowards. But this mistake is not too serious, and it is not impossible to call the game of cowards the game of cockfighting.

The two roosters meet in a narrow way and are about to start a slaughter. There are four possibilities for the result: the two roosters confront each other, and neither will let the other. Or fight the two. The outcome of these two possibilities is the same – a lose-lose, which no one wants. The other two may be one step back and one step forward. But those who retreat have losses, lose face or consume physical strength. Who will retreat and who will advance? Neither side was willing to retreat, and they knew that the other party was unwilling to retreat. In such a game, if you want to win, you must overwhelm the opponent in momentum, or at least show the determination to break the boat and fight against the water in order to force the opponent to retreat. But at the last critical moment, one party must step back, unless they are truly determined to break the net. But consider yourself in the position of the other party, if the advancing party gives compensation to the retreating party? As long as the compensation is equal to the loss, there will be those who are willing to retire.

The list of such games is endless. If two people cross the same single-plank bridge in opposite directions, generally speaking, one person must choose to retreat. In this kind of game, irrational and irrational image building is often an optional strategy. Someone who doesn’t seem to take his own life seriously, or who looks a little drunk and goofy, can often push the other guy back on the single-plank bridge. In addition, the quarrel between husband and wife is often a “cockfighting game”. At the end of the quarrel, generally, there is always one party who pretends to be deaf to the other’s nagging and scolding, or simply the wife goes back to her parents’ house to cool off her anger. During the Cold War, the battle between the two military blocs of the United States and the Soviet Union was also a kind of “cockfighting game”. In terms of business operation, under the condition of limited market capacity, if one company invests in a certain project, another company will give up its coveted project.

The game of cockfighting emphasizes how to obtain benefits by compromising in the game

If both sides think differently, they can negotiate compensation, resulting in an agreement that trades compensation for concessions, and the problem is solved. There are often compromises in the game, and the two sides can easily reach an agreement if they can empathize. Consider how much compensation you get before you are willing to retire, and use your own ideas to understand the other party. If you only consider problems from your own standpoint, and you are unwilling to retreat, and you do not want to give the other party some compensation, the deadlock will be difficult to break.

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