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Henan cockfighting

Henan fighting cock is also known as fighting chicken, biting chicken

army chicken and hero chicken. It is a playful breed and is one of the ancient chicken breeds in China. It is the largest and most numerous among Chinese fighting cock breeds, and its breast and leg muscles are well developed, which can be used as the raw material for broiler breeding.

Henan has a warm temperate-subtropical, humid-semi-humid monsoon climate. The general characteristics are that the winter is cold with little rain and snow, the spring is dry and sandy, the summer is hot and rainy, and the autumn is clear and sunny. It is mainly produced in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Zhoukou, Nanyang, Luohe, Xuchang, Pingdingshan, Xinxiang, Anyang, Shangqiu and other cities in Henan Province.

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There are 4 types of Henan fighting cock constitution, rough loose type

fine type, compact type and fine and compact type. The head is semi-ribbed, the scalp is thin and tight, flexible and powerful. The bill is short and thick, semi-arch-shaped, and also has a thin, straight and long bamboo beak. The palpebral feathers are large in area, almost without feathers, some with long palpebral slopes, some with short palpebral slopes, bright red and shiny. The nose is high and not concave, and the nostrils are large and narrow oval. Iridescent has water white, bean green, yellow, red, chrysanthemum, white sand, black bean eye color and so on. Shuibai’s eyes are small white eyes with black pupils. The ear holes are round and covered with a handful of fan feathers.

Crown types include flat crown, goose crown and corolla. The flat crown (head) has a narrow face, a wide face and a square head (also known as a seal crown); the goose crown is wider and rounder than the wide face head; the corolla has a loach back corolla and a wheat ear corolla. Lying silkworm, the corolla of wheat ears appears patterned without thorns. In addition, there are small horned corolla and barley ear corolla (large thorns). Others have walnut crowns. Cockfighting has no single crown.

Henan fighting Feather colors are mainly blue, red, and white

followed by purple, soap, and flower feathers. The bones are more developed than ordinary chickens, and the most prominent is the thick skull bone, which is twice as thick as ordinary chickens. The sternum is long and the crotch is wide. Adult chicken weight: male 3500 grams, female 2000 ~ 3000 grams.

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