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Heze cockfighting


Cockfighting, also known as biting chickens fighting chickens

military chickens, roosters are brave and aggressive by nature. The rules are that the chickens participating in the competition are registered first, and then they are divided into groups according to their weight, age and body shape. The field is usually a circle with a diameter of not less than 6 meters, and a small circle with a diameter of 1 meter in the center is the starting point. Fighting for 10 minutes is a set, and generally three or four sets can be divided into winners and losers. In the first set, the two chickens are full of energy and quick to move, and they are often unable to beat their opponents. The second game is the “steady game”. At this time, the physical strength of the two fighting cocks is greatly reduced. Generally three or four rounds are “residual rounds”, and both sides of the cockfight lose the residual weight. At the end of the fight, a chicken lying on the ground is called “laying pan”. The standing chicken beats the lying chicken for 3 minutes and is unable to stand up. The standing chicken wins; the standing chicken does not attack the lying chicken, and the two chickens are in harmony. There is a saying in Heze cockfighting: “A layman watches the fun, an expert watches the doorway”. Cockfighting is extremely ferocious, and there are two main ways of fighting and attacking: one is to bite, such as standing at the door and biting high, pinching the crown, pulling the chin, forking the neck left and right, drilling the crotch, and flipping the wings. The second is beating. There are dry legs, top legs, back legs, amputated legs, and left and right lateral legs. The “hit” is very fierce, often knocking the opponent unconscious to the ground with one leg. “Three mouths are worse than one leg” is the truth. Heze is the breeding base for cockfighting breeders and the birthplace of cockfighting activities. In 1979, China Agricultural Film Studio made a special trip to Heze to shoot the documentary “Cock Fighting”, which was distributed overseas. In May 1990, Heze won five cockfights at the “Chinese Folk Customs and Customs Large-scale Amusement Fair” held in Shanghai in May 1990.

According to legend, cockfighting originated in the Xia and Shang dynasties 3,500 years ago

At that time, it was just an elegant sport involving court nobles and scholar-officials. Later, the folks followed suit and developed into a prosperous one. The cockfighting was originally a selection of wild and unspoiled folk chickens. Feeding and training makes it like a fire, fierce and aggressive, and has a spirit of giving up and winning the championship. Later, cockfighting has formed a unique and precious breed of place, and the traditional culture of feeding and training cockfighting is complex. According to historical records, cockfighting began in the Xia and Shang Dynasties and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties, especially the court cockfights during the Song Dynasty. , leaving behind many popular biographical stories and folklore.

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