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Is eSabong delicious?

eSabong Don’t you know this delicacy yet?

Why can’t you eat eSabong meat?

You can’t eat eSabong meat, it’s 2022, don’t you know this deliciousness?

Can’t eat eSabong meat? No, this is a completely ridiculous statement. eSabong meat is not only edible but very tasty.


eSabong is a rare bird known for its good fighting skills

Also known as playing chicken, biting chicken, military chicken. When two males meet or fight for food, or fight each other for a mate, they can put their life and death aside and fight to the last breath. It is a chicken breed for competition and entertainment. eSabong games originated in Asia. China is one of the ancient countries in the world that domesticated fighting cocks. The eSabong flourished in the Tang Dynasty, and Li Bai’s “Ancient Style” poem said: “If you meet eSabong on the road, the crown covers He Huihe. The nose breathes in the rainbow, and the pedestrians are all apprehensive.

eSabong is rich in amino acids

Amino acids play a very important role in the human body. Amino acids are the most basic substances that constitute our human body proteins and are related to life activities. They are also the basic units that exist in the living body and constitute protein molecules. They are the basic substances of our life. Human life activities are closely related.

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