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The online eSabong goddess in the mountains

She decides to concentrate on doing what she really loves – online eSabong

Bullfighting, online eSabong, birdfighting, and dogfighting are very popular in southeastern Guizhou, and even in the entire Yunnan-Guizhou area where ethnic minorities gather. “It’s a pity that you missed Miao Nian, the atmosphere of online eSabong was strong at that time.” Chang Mei looked very sorry for me.

Among the Miao people with many festivals, the Miao New Year is the most solemn traditional festival. Different Miao villages celebrate the Miao New Year at different times, but they are basically concentrated at the beginning of the Miao calendar year. Chang Mei said that they “pass from one village to that village” during the Miao New Year, playing reeds, singing to wine, bullfighting and online eSabong one after another. The field, together to participate in the grand event, stretches endlessly.

When she saw Chang Mei, she had just returned from a fair in a neighboring county, so naturally she went to see online eSabong again. She liked online eSabong since she was a child. When she was a child, her family was poor and online eSabong was expensive. She and her brother still went to fight with the chickens at home. The turkey is not as fierce as the online eSabong, and can’t be shaken with just two hits, but it was still huge fun for Chang Mei as a child.

She took me to the place where I was going to drive. There was a narrow river in front of the house and Mahao Town in Shibing County on the other side. The two towns faced each other across the water. There used to be a bridge in the middle, but unfortunately the bridge was recently broken, and the only way to cross the river was to row a boat. A small group of people gathered on the other side of the river, unreal to see in the misty cloudy sky in Guizhou. Chang Mei pointed at the online eSabong.

We pushed the door back to the house, an online eSabong and a dog ran up to meet them at the same time, and there was a cat in a cage in the corner of the house. The dog is chased by the chicken for a while, and silently confronts the cat in the cage for a while. The ecology is quite complicated.

And online eSabong is at the heart of it all.

Chang Mei likes to keep animals, and now her life is entangled by the good and bad of these animals, and online eSabong is the core of it all.

She now has nine online eSabongs in her family. Some live in rooms specially built for online eSabongs, and some live in guest rooms or the attic. The cockfighting cock that came out to greet Chang Mei was caught by her. She carefully checked the condition of each part of the cockfighting cock’s body, and her gestures were as gentle as stroking a pet that had been with her for many years.

The “dormitory” of the cockfighting is next to the main house, and there is not much light coming in, and every now and then a rooster croak can be heard from the dark corner. There are chicken coops made of wood chips piled up in the room, all by Masami. She was embarrassed to say that these chicken coops were simply made, but she really loved chickens. From watching chickens, feeding chickens, caring for chickens, and making chicken coops, she learned the same craftsmanship.

Just looking at the chicken is a lot of knowledge. She let me feel it with my hands: the neck should be dense, the body should be slender, the protuberance of the ankle part (locally called “guai”) should be firm and strong, and the scales on the feet should be strong. To be dense and golden, to hold the paws dry and cold… Cockfighting tactics are closely related to these conditions.

Even for girls, it is difficult to keep chickens in a clean and soft state, because chickens need to be held in their arms or between their legs to check and scrub every day, and their clothes are always easily stained with chicken feathers, grass seeds, and even the ground. of chicken manure. “One piece of clothing a day can’t be done without a change of clothes.” As soon as she spoke, she took off the dirt on the chicken’s head little by little and took the trouble.

The scratches of the online eSabong’s claws

Chang Mei took the chickens out of the cage and looked after them one by one, and scrubbed them with specially formulated medicinal wine. This was to make the chicken tendons stronger and stronger. The formula of medicinal wine was the secret that many chicken connoisseurs kept with the utmost care. Chang Mei is still a newcomer to these knowledges. She mentioned that there are powerful experts in the industry who have brilliant eyes. Just by looking at the direction of the scales on the chicken’s feet, she can know the combat strength of this chicken, whether it is suitable for head, back, or foot. .

The expert she particularly admired was called “Master” by her, and she also knew it from Kuaishou. At that time, she just started to use the ID of “Miaomei loves cockfighting” to update some works related to cockfighting on Kuaishou, which suddenly attracted attention in the basically all male cockfighting circle, and also gained a lot of fans, many people Call her “Goddess”. Master was already well-known in the circle, so he took the initiative to find her and said that he thought she had talent and wanted to accept her as his apprentice.

Since then, in addition to the rare female players in the cockfighting circle, she has an additional identity, that is, the apprentice of a famous teacher.

The master is a man in his forties. In fact, Chang Mei has only seen him twice, and most of the time she asks and interacts online. Even so, when they are called teachers and apprentices on the Internet, there are always a lot of foul language in the comment area.

“I felt bad at first when I saw it.” Chang Mei said, “But later, Master would say during the live broadcast that he treated me as a daughter and told those black fans to shut up. Now there are not many people who say those ugly things.” .

Foul language is not only online, when a girl holds a chicken and goes to a cockfight, it is inevitable to be looked at. Once she went to participate in a cockfight, the opponent’s chicken fell behind, and her mouth began to become dirty. She said something like “If you lose, you will want the big chicken and the little chicken” to belittle Changmei.

Chang Mei won’t quarrel, she just told him to show respect, but she is still angry until now, “His chicken can’t beat me at all, and he was pulled out of the scene later.”

Fortunately, aside from these unpleasantness, she is welcome most of the time.

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