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GI Online Casino

GI Casino

Don’t miss the super high rebate GI Online Casino

Casino game rebates have always been a “little luck” for GI Online Casino players.

While playing GI Online Casinogames

they can also get a certain percentage of casino rebates

and the % of each rebate website is basically the same. It can reflect the “generousness” of GI Online Casino these rebate websites.

This time, the editor will introduce several well-known rebate websites at present

and make a most detailed evaluation for you, so that everyone can choose the highest rebate casino that is most beneficial to them. !

GI Online

Rebate to make money │ GI Online Casino What is rebate

Before discussing the game rebate offers of major rebate websites, let me briefly introduce what rebates are.

The so-called rebate means that after players have accumulated a certain amount of valid bets

the rebate website they play will distribute the reward of “effective bet amount X rebate %”

directly to the players in accordance with the prescribed ratio.

That is to say, the more players play and the more effective bets, the more game rebates they can get.

Different rebate GI Online Casino websites basically have their own rebate percentages,

and even the same rebate website and different game halls may have different game rebate calculations. Therefore

friends are comparing the major rebate websites.

Before the rebate %, you should also check what games you play most often

so that you can choose the game rebate that has the most benefit for you!

For example, the game rebate % of A rebate site ranges from 0.3 to 0.8, and the game rebate % of B rebate site ranges from 0.4 to 0.7

It seems that the highest game rebate of A rebate site is relatively high, but If the game you play is mainly sports betting

and the sports betting game rebate is 0.3% on the A rebate site and 0.4% on the B rebate site

then obviously you have to choose to play the B rebate site, which will be a better GI Online Casino choice.

GI Casino
GI Casino

Rebate to make money│GI Online Casino Rebate website evaluation

After introducing what rebate is, we can take a look at which casinos with high rebates are available,

and how much rebates are in each of their games. Of course

we will also make a most detailed review of rebate websites for everyone at the end.

Rebate Website Rating│GI Online

GI Online Casino Entertainment City is a fairly well-known rebate website in Taiwan. Basically,

the game rebate percentage of the overall website is between 0.3% and 0.7%, which is quite satisfactory.

It can be seen here that the rebate site of GI Online Casino basically starts with a 0.4% game rebate except for sports events

but although the initial game rebate % of sports events is only 0.3%, if it reaches the supreme membership level GI Online Casino

it will You can reach the platform’s highest game rebate of 0.7%!

GI Casino
GI Online Casino

Rebate website evaluation│GI Online Casino

Jin Dafa Casino is one of the oldest casino brands in Taiwan, but in terms of game rebates, it can’t be called a “high rebate casino”GI Online Casino

mainly because their game rebates don’t follow the membership level. Change

you play hundreds of thousands or millions of games and the rebates are basically as much as the players who only play thousands or tens of thousands.GI Online Casino

The editor personally thinks this is quite unfair.GI Online Casino

After all, if I were a big coffee member and played hundreds of thousands of games every month

but only had the minimum game rebates, people would not have the feeling of “rebate to make money” at all. , it will make people lose the motivation to continue playing the game.