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Folktale: ultimate sabong


The wind of ultimate sabong prevails

During the reign of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, the style of ultimate sabong prevailed. From the princes and nobles to the common people, they all enjoyed cockfighting. It is difficult to produce the top grade ultimate sabong in the capital, so the princes and ministers have to turn their attention to the local area and ask the local officials to collect the best ultimate sabong for themselves.

Bamboo Mountain is originally a place of bitter cold, but it is a place where the ultimate sabong comes out. The ultimate sabong here is not big, but it is extremely powerful, rushing to kill and bite, and the lower mouth is extremely ruthless. But every year, the best ultimate sabong is captured and paid for tribute, and the rest of the inferior products thrive, and the quality is not as good as each year.

ultimate sabong
ultimate sabong

Deadline to send ultimate sabong

The number of ultimate sabongs received by Qian Zhixian was far from enough, and he couldn’t help pacing the prefecture anxiously. At this time, a gong sounded on the street, and then someone shouted loudly: “Go on, go on! Peck it to death!” This is someone who is ultimate 888online sabong. Qian Zhixian immediately became interested and rushed with his subordinates to the street.

Sure enough, a dark crowd gathered on the street. The two yamen opened a path, and then Qian Zhixian saw two fighting cocks in the open space among the crowd. The one on the left is extremely strong, but the one on the right is an ordinary little rooster. Qian Zhixian looked at the master on the left, it was actually Liu Sheng, a well-known young master in Zhushan, and the man on the right looked like a country boy.

Gambling is so disparate

In front of Liu Sheng was a pile of ingots, but in front of the country boy there were only two taels of scattered silver. With such a huge disparity in gambling capital, Qian Zhixian couldn’t help but be greatly surprised. With such a fighting method, wouldn’t Master Liu lose a lot? Qian Zhixian expected that there must be an article in it, so he didn’t ask any more questions, just opened his eyes and observed it carefully.

ultimate sabong start

The big chicken was indeed aggressive, flapping its wings, kicking its legs hard, and pounced on the little chicken. The chick was unhurried, fluttering its wings and screaming twice, and suddenly took two steps back. The big chicken fluttered in the air and was about to attack again, but the little chicken had already spread its wings and flew to the back of the big chicken. The big chicken jumped up and down, but the little chicken was still sitting on its back, only bowing its head and pecking out the big chicken’s other eye.

Qian Zhixian sees that ultimate sabong is brave and unusual

It was enough of a surprise, and when I heard that this chicken was going to eat pearls, I was even more stunned. He stopped Zhang Xingde, smiled slightly, and said, “Is it too exaggerated to eat pearls?” Zhang Xingde was not annoyed after hearing this, and asked Liu Sheng for a pearl and handed it to the county magistrate.

Qian Zhixian took a look at it, and it was not fake. He put the pearl on the ground and asked Liu Sheng to put the chicken down, only to see that the chicken really ate the pearl. After a hard fight just now, the chicken was already severely damaged, and it was in a state of decay.

Bought a dozen more excellent fighting sabong

Zhang Xingde put them in the fence and no ultimate sabong longer fed them with grain, but with pearls. After more than ten days, the cockfighting cocks really changed a little bit, the coat color changed from brown and black to golden yellow, and the croaking sound was also exceptionally crisp. Qian Zhi County was overjoyed

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