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2023 PH CASINO experience bonus evaluation

【2023】CASINO experience bonus|Register as a member to receive 168 experience bonus

First, let me tell you about the purpose of the CASINO experience bonus!
Many CASINO advertisements feature experience bonuses ranging from 168 to 288 yuan, so what is the main purpose of their experience bonuses?

In this article, let me explain to you in detail the purpose of the CASINO experience bonus!

Use casino experience money to attract players to register

Player registration not only increases the number of agent members, but also brings many superficial customers to the casino. If many people can’t control their thoughts and hands, they will inevitably fall into it, and then see how much stored value 1000 gets 1000 or stored. When you send as many discounts as you want, you will get one

Plunge in hot!

This situation is the psychological warfare of the entertainment city to catch the gamblers. If you recharge, it means they win. If you don’t regret it afterwards, it will be a win-win situation. Therefore, the entertainment city experience bonus is a one with two sides. s things.

Test the casino by the way when receiving the casino experience bonus

The one-time stud (ALL IN) which is not extravagant when receiving the experience bonus can actually be completed for a short period of time. During this period of time, you can test whether you like the style of this casino, whether there are enough game items or whether it meets the requirements. Your needs, and then the order of the game

The smoothness, the fairness of the game, and finally the speed and enthusiasm of the customer service staff!

If you want to experience the fastest and most enthusiastic experience, you can click the LINE link in the lower right corner to let you experience what a fast and passionate customer service team is, and let you disarm in 3 minutes! !

Can I withdraw the experience bonus if I win the registration?

In fact, this part depends on the regulations set by each entertainment city!

At present, the vast majority of casinos still offer withdrawals to customers, but the withdrawal conditions are relatively strict. For example, if the experience bonus is 168 yuan, it may require 20 times the turnover or 30 to 100 times the turnover to allow players withdraw!

At present, I have not successfully withdrawn from the game (maybe my luck and skills are too bad haha)

Of course, there are also casinos that don’t allow withdrawals! They really let players experience, they only let you play casually, and they don’t give you withdrawals! (To be honest, it doesn’t seem to be a problem if you don’t get it so many times in running water)

Why is there such a restriction?

On the one hand, it is to allow players to increase the game experience, and on the other hand, it is afraid that there will be criminal gangs who will use the activities provided by the platform to carry out arbitrage and money laundering.

Furthermore, I also hope that players who use this activity to play the game really win, and will not feel that their efforts are wasted.

I recently discovered a crazy casino, registered members receive 168 experience gold! ! And you don’t need to tie the water to pay out when you win, it’s really awesome! ! I put the link in the customer service in the lower right corner, and friends who are interested can try it.

Are there any conditions for receiving the casino experience bonus?

In fact, as long as the name of your bound bank account + ID card is the same as the name of the game account, you can receive the experience gold (to prevent someone from receiving it repeatedly)

You must be curious here, why can you withdraw money repeatedly? Everyone may not be able to imagine this point, but now criminal gangs are so clever that they will use computer image editing programs to change bank books and ID cards.

It can be said that it is impossible to prevent, so there will be special personnel in this area, and then prevent the illegal arbitrage behavior of criminal gangs!

What do those online casinos do for so many activities?

It is very common to see that a certain entertainment city gives 168, 288, 500 experience bonuses for registration, and a 1:1 gift for the first deposit (in fact, I am also full of enthusiasm). Later, after stepping on a few black nets, I understood this. Some rules of the ecosystem!

Now let me share with you my miserable experience

There is a player who said that there is a room where the first deposit of 5,000 is given 5,000, and the experience bonus is 1,000. He found about 10 friends to play and received the referral bonus. Everyone received a total of 67,000 discounts. .

The results of it? It cost 50,000 cash to store value, and when I wanted to withdraw it, I was accused of collective illegal arbitrage and my account was locked. It’s really exhausting!

Haha So I really advise you to look for someone who can withdraw money, not someone who will send you a bunch of things but not give you money. Talk about pulling from personal experience!

The entertainment city is actually like a casino. He hopes that many customers will come here to spend and gamble. Of course, he will also earn the money you lose, and of course he will also compensate you for the money you win.

So the activity is just to make everyone come to this casino to play. It is best to let customers bet against each other, so it is very uncertain whether they will win or lose.

Here is a summary of why the entertainment city registers to give you experience money. As for whether you want to receive it, of course it depends on the individual player.

After all, what people want to give you is not paid for nothing, right? It is of course best to win money and get it out, but don’t be dazzled by the giveaway!

I still say “the entertainment city registers to give you experience money, it’s just a gimmick”. What I’m really looking for is a platform that can withdraw money.

Let me sort out with you the entertainment cities that I have received the experience gold that can be withdrawn and those that cannot be withdrawn!

online casinoSign up to send experience goldlimitregistration link
GI casino168 experience goldWithdrawal amount is unlimitedCasino experience bonus
SZ casinoFirst deposit 1000 get 500There is no upper limit on the maximum amount you can get (10 times turnover is tied)Casino experience bonus
SW casino168 experience goldThere is no upper limit on the maximum amount you can get (10 times turnover is tied)Casino experience bonus
iwin Casino88 experience goldThe maximum can receive 1000 yuanCasino experience bonus
Swag Casino100 experience goldUnable to withdrawCasino experience bonus
Fortuna Casino100 experience goldUnable to withdrawCasino experience bonus

I have collected information on as many as 500 PH casinos, and consolidated all the information including normal withdrawal casinos, the amount of experience money, fraudulent casinos, richness of discounts, black net casinos, entertainment player evaluations, etc….

It is recommended for everyone to collect the above casino experience bonus. I guarantee that as long as you complete the following casinos in a normal way, you will definitely be able to withdraw normally. I wish you a wonderful experience.

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