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888 online sabong game

Game Theory – 888 online sabong game

“888 online sabong game”, as the name suggests, means:

Two roosters meet on a narrow road, and neither agrees with the other, so they start to fight each other fiercely. You peck me, and I kick you. If the fight goes on, the result is often both losers. One chicken is blinded by the eye, and the other The chicken’s leg is kicked and broken, even if the winner is determined, it is of little significance. Therefore, the best result is: one chicken “admits” and chooses to retire, while the other does not.

888 online sabong game
888 online sabong game

For ease of understanding, let’s illustrate this game-theoretic trick from a human perspective. Suppose two people meet on a narrow road, such as crossing a single-plank bridge, they generally have two choices: one is to choose to retreat and let the other party pass first; the other is to choose to move forward and force the other party to retreat. If one side retreats and the other side does not retreat, the other side wins, and the side who retreats is often just a loss of face; if one side retreats and the other side retreats, the two sides are tied; if one chooses to advance and the other side retreats, One wins and the other loses; if both choose to move forward and neither back down, both will suffer. Therefore, for everyone, the best outcome is that the other party “admits” to retreat, but he does not retreat. For both sides, the best result is that one side wins a small victory, while the other side only “confesses” a small defeat. This is the optimal strategy of “cockfighting game”, and it is also a kind of wisdom for us to say “confession” the reason.

There are countless examples of “888 online sabong game”

in life. For example, the quarrel between husband and wife is a typical “cockfighting game”. At the end of the quarrel, generally, there is always one party who chooses to “admit counsel” to the other’s nagging and scolding. It should be pointed out that in the “cockfighting game”, in addition to “confessing counsel”, creating an irrational and irrational image is also an optional strategy. , People who are more desperate can often force their opponents to retreat. “When a scholar encounters a soldier, he can’t make sense.” This is a typical example.

“888 online sabong game” emphasizes the concept of “opportunity cost” to a large extent.

If more opportunity cost is lost, it must be more rational, or even choose to “admit counsel”. If there are few or even none, you can choose to fight against the water, meet the brave and win, fight to the death, and break the net. In reality, most of us are reluctant to face the loss of more opportunity costs, so in many cases, choosing to “admit counsel” is the wisest approach.

Now that we realize that “S888 online sabong game” emphasizes more on “confessing counsel” in real life, rather than the brave one who meets a narrow path and wins, then the key lies in how to use “confessing counsel” in this game to seek for oneself maximum profit. Generally speaking, in this kind of game, if both parties can empathize, then the two parties can negotiate their interests, and finally reach an agreement to exchange interests for concessions, and the problem can be completely resolved. Therefore, in the “cockfighting game”, you should first consider how much compensation you get before you are willing to “admit counsel”, and then think in a different position and use your own ideas to understand the other side, so that you will not easily suffer a lose-lose situation.

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