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888 online sabong training method

888 online sabong only sells but not sells,

the training technology is kept secret, and the good breeds are not passed on. In recent years, 888 online sabong farmers have emancipated their minds, allowing 888 online sabong to rush out of the fighting arena and fly to the big market. The training methods of 888 online sabong have also been gradually disclosed

1.888 online sabong and Russian hybrid

chickens can be trained when their weight is 3-4 kg, and Vietnamese and Thai hybrid chickens can be trained when their weight is 2.5-3 kg. Before training, chasing 888 online sabong in the courtyard at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour every day for 1 hour each time, as long as the chicken is not obviously fatigued and the running speed is not slowed down, this training takes about 5 days.

2, starvation method. Starve the 888 online sabong to be trained for 8 hours,

then throw the grain-shaped food on the ground, then throw it on the chair, and train the 888 online sabong to fly up and down to peck accurately, after 5 to 10 days of training. The steamed buns are hoisted with a string. The trainers hold the end of the rope up and down, then swing the rope from left to right, so that the hungry 888 online sabong flashes up and down with the steamed buns, soars and jumps, desperately trying to grab food. After about 10 days of training, the accuracy rate of pecking on fixed or moving targets can reach more than 90%.​​

3, on the boom. 888 online sabongs are brave and steady,

flexible without panic, agile and able to maintain the same posture for a long time, and are good at capturing the instinct of the best angle and posture for fighting. Using this instinct, three bamboo poles with a length of about 2 meters are arranged in parallel with the same height, the same length, and the distance between each bamboo pole is about 10 cm. Then place the 888 online sabong on the middle bamboo pole, let its two claws grasp the same bamboo pole, and then let go after standing firmly. Because the bamboo pole swings with the swing of the cock, it is used to train the 888 online sabong’s ability to stand firmly on the bamboo pole. Each training is 1 hour, and one bamboo pole is drawn every 5 days, and only one bamboo pole is left in the end. Train until the chicken can grasp the bamboo pole and no longer fall off with the swing of the bamboo pole.

4. Get on the bike. Put the trained 888 online sabong on the shelf in front of the bicycle,

and the trainer pushes the bicycle straight at the speed of walking. After 5 days, push the bicycle to take the curved road. Cycling at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, about 5 to 10 days, the 888 online sabong will no longer fall off. In this way, the driving time is about 1 hour each time.

5. Balance training chickens.

The chicken trainer lifts one leg in the air, puts the S888 online sabong on the trainer’s foot and stands firm, and then the trainer moves the leg up and down, left and right, and quickly moves the position until the 888 online sabong is on the human foot. Swing up and not fall off, 1 hour each time, about 10 days. After 1-2 months of training, the weak chickens will be eliminated in time, and the selected 888 online sabong can start to try fighting between the same weight. After each fight, the chicken feathers and other debris in the throat of the chickens on both sides of the fight must be removed, and then placed in a quiet place to rest, and can be fed after 12 hours.

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