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888 online sabong training

Sexual aspects of 888 online sabong:

(1) The performance is unstable, sometimes not invading chickens or barely invading chickens;

(2) Recognize chickens, dare to fight with red chickens, but dare not fight with blue chickens and black chickens;

(3) Recognize the field and dare to fight in a familiar field, but dare not or reluctantly change to an unfamiliar environment;

(4) Those who do not fight in hot weather prefer to find a cool place to rest and not fight;

(5) Although he does not admit defeat after being hit with a heavy leg, he does not fight or attack anymore. He didn’t want to fight, and he didn’t want to fight.

888 online sabong fighting:

(1) The cooperation between the mouth and the legs is poor, and the legs are still not visible after holding the mouth and counting;

(2) The legs are light and weak, the accuracy is poor, the legs are few, the legs are muddy, unfavorable, and the play is single;

(3) Take the initiative to let go of your mouth and give your head;

(4) After getting out of the leg, he always falls to the ground by himself first;

(5) The parts other than the head and face are also pulled out of the legs.

In terms of physique and organs of 888 online sabong:

Regarding the physique and organs of chickens, there are mainly the following problems, such as missing or fading mouths; the neck is too long and relatively thin; the keel is twisted; ; palms with pads that cannot be cured for a long time; too many things on the head and face; too poor hair color, too brittle hair; crooked tail, slanted face, lameness and other physical defects; once fractures have been cured but there are sequelae; genetic diseases, these are not allowed. Select for seed use.

The genetic stability of 888 online sabong:

Since it is the choice to reserve the seed, the genetic performance should be regarded as an important criterion in relation to the next generation, to see whether the heritability of the candidate reserve seed 888 online sabong is stable, and whether it can pass its excellent genes to the next generation perfectly. Stronger than a generation! If the genetic performance of the 888 online sabong selected for breeding is unstable, and it meets the standards in all aspects of the contemporary era, but new problems occur when the next generation mutates, then the 888 online sabong selected for breeding can only be eliminated, and years of hard work Will be in vain, work in vain! It is said that many chicken friends here may be “intimidated” and do not want to select and cultivate their own seeds. First, they are afraid of trouble, time-consuming and laborious, and the most important thing is to worry that their efforts will be in vain. It is better to directly buy others. But S888 online sabong is a fun to play, and it is also endless fun in the process of cultivation. The joy of success is beyond the experience of others. Play must play thoroughly, play the essence!

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