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An 888 online sabong contest 1500 years ago

Nanjing is the ancient capital of six dynasties. It not only has a long history, but also the culture of 888 online sabong has been passed down for thousands of years. Until now, Nanjing still retains many place names related to “chicken”.

Today, let’s talk about a village named after “888 online sabong”, called “Persimmon Tree Village”.

Persimmon Tree Village is located in Banqiao Street, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City. At first glance, the name has nothing to do with 888 online sabong. In fact, its original name is “Dead Chicken Tree Village”, which originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

In the Southern Qi, there was an emperor named Xiao Baojuan, known in history as the Marquis of Donghun, who was the sixth emperor of the Southern Qi. Xiao Baojuan in history did not live up to his title of “Donghun Hou”.

Xiao Baojuan is addicted to gambling. When he has nothing to do, he pulls the eunuchs and maids to play dice and dominoes in the palace. Among all the gambling items, his favorite is cockfighting.

In order to cultivate a good 888 online sabong, Xiao Baojuan set up a chicken-raising place in the palace, and invited experts from the folk to train chickens to cultivate “fighting chickens among roosters”. Whenever he hears that there is a very powerful 888 online sabong among the people, he will spend a lot of money to buy it, and if he can’t buy it, he will grab it. This shows Xiao Baojuan’s obsession with cockfighting.

At that time, the Banqiao area in Nanjing was the concentrated area of ​​888 online sabong activities. There was a very famous 888 online sabong field. Almost the most powerful 888 online sabong in the world would be sent here to compete. The 888 online sabong who can break through the siege in this arena is undoubtedly the leader in the 888 online sabong world. The appearance fee of 888 online sabong will also bring very rich income to the chicken owner.

On this day, a foreigner brought a very strong rooster to a gladiatorial fight. This cockfighting cock is as red as blood, its beak is as hard as steel, its physique is huge, and its wingspan is nearly one meter long. The owner of the cockfight boasted that his cockfighting cock is the most powerful 888 online sabong in the world, and no other cockfighting cock can beat it. !

Sure enough, this cockfighting cock won consecutive battles in the 888 online sabong field without a single defeat, and the chicken owner was also proud of it, calling this chicken the “chicken king of the world”.

After Xiao Baojuan heard about this, he immediately became interested. He confidently sent the 888 online sabong raised in the palace to fight, but all of them were defeated. Xiao Baojuan was furious and vowed to defeat the foreigner’s cockfighting, so he issued an order to collect the powerful 888 online sabong from all over the world.

At this moment, the chicken trainer in the palace reported to Xiao Baojuan that there was an old man who raised chickens in the village near the Banqiao cockfighting ground. He had a big rooster in his house, who was the king of chickens and always won. General, as long as the 888 online sabong of his family can play, he will definitely win.

Xiao Baojuan was overjoyed after hearing this, and immediately sent someone to the village to find the old man and wanted to buy his 888 online sabong. Unexpectedly, this old man has long regarded cockfighting as a family member, and will not sell anything.

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Xiao Baojuan wanted to repeat the old trick to snatch, but the chicken tamer told him that this 888 online sabong only listens to this old man. Even if you snatch it back, it will not compete for you. Soft, let me try to talk to the old man.

The chicken tamer came to the old man’s house. First, he described how arrogant and domineering foreigners were, and looked down on the cockfighting cockfighting raised by the locals. He also said that now all the 888 online sabongs in the world have participated in the competition and failed to beat him. The only hope is the old man. 888 online sabong now. Moreover, the emperor also very much hopes that the old man can lead the cockfight to participate in the competition in person, kill the arrogance of the outsider, and promote the prestige of my capital!

This trick really worked, but the old man refused, so he brought his 888 online sabong to a cockfight battle with a foreigner. After a shocking battle, the old man’s S888 online sabong not only won the victory, but also killed the chicken of the outsider!

The foreigner who lost the cash cow was very frustrated. He took the dead chicken out and became more and more annoyed. He threw the chicken directly on a tree at the entrance of the village, and then walked away.

Later, in order to thank the old man and his 888 online sabong for winning the game for the locals, and also to satirize the anger of the outsiders, they named the place where the chickens were thrown as “Dead Chicken Tree Village”.

However, because the name was too unsightly, it was later changed to “Persimmon Tree Village”.

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