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cockfight that killed the Philippine police chief may be the most brutal national game in the world 

cockfight that killed the Philippine police chief may be the most brutal national game in the world 

World Net Business Reporter Wang Fan

Filipinos love cockfighting, just like Chinese young people can’t do without the glory of the king, it is the most common pastime. All over the country, there are bustling cockfighting rings and avid cockfighting lovers everywhere.

This year, the Philippines closed most of the cockfighting grounds due to the epidemic, which cost the lives of cockfighting lovers. Many cockfighting grounds secretly reopened despite warnings.

On October 26, the police chief of a small town in the Philippines, Christian Brock, was killed in the line of duty in an operation to crack down on illegal cockfighting. The murderer was a fighting cock.

police chief christian bolock

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cockfight that killed the Philippine police chief may be the most brutal national game in the world 

The Philippine police said: “The arrest scene was chaotic, the audience fled, the dust cleared, and Officer Brock tried to grab a fighting cock, but inadvertently was cut through the left femoral artery by a sharp blade on the chicken leg, and died a few minutes later. Excessive bleeding.

The blade was tied to the rooster’s feet, and even poison was applied, and the police are still trying their best to find the owner of this murderous fighting cock.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

Filipino cockfighting

Cockfighting in the Philippines, also known as “sabang”, has a very long history. It is said that when Magellan landed in the Philippine Islands in 1512, he witnessed the local indigenous people betting on cockfighting.

In 1974, the Philippines passed the “cockfighting law”, which listed this ancient sport as a “national cultural heritage”, and also set up a cockfighting competition committee, which is responsible for issuing cockfighting field licenses, as well as cockfighting and breeding related licenses.

In addition to the villages, the cockfighting farms above the town are all managed by the government, and there are even special government offices.

Every year, 2,500 stadiums across the Philippines are dedicated to cockfighting, and almost every one of the tens of thousands of rural communities across the country has its own cockfighting arena.

philippines cockfighting ring

So many cockfighting venues follow a basic design – a semi-open wooden structure, a sand square arena like a boxing ring, a metal fence or glass curtain wall to protect the audience, in addition to a cockfighting lounge, a canteen, a betting point.

There is no burial dance in the Philippine countryside, but there is cockfighting on the burial. The government allows cockfighting 3-5 days after death, and 10% of every bonus earned from cockfighting will be used for funerals.

Therefore, at the funeral scene in the Philippines, the cheers can always drown out the crying.

Philippine TV stations also have cockfighting channels, which often broadcast some large-scale cockfighting competitions.

live tv cockfight

There is no gap between the rich and the poor in the cockfighting arena. You can find senators or homeless people. There are no classes here, and the game is absolutely fair.

Pandemic spawns fiery online cockfighting

cockfight that killed the Philippine police chief may be the most brutal national game in the world 

For Filipinos, cockfighting is not just a pastime, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that, to put it bluntly, is like betting on horses.

In a game, the stakes can often range from tens to millions of pesos (1 US dollar ≈ 48.4 pesos), and the champion team can receive a maximum bonus of 200,000 US dollars.

Before the game, the roosters will be caught and killed according to their weight.

The noise of the arena is deafening. The audience can only rely on gestures to place bets. With their fingers pointing up, they are betting in units of ten. Pointing horizontally means the unit is hundreds. With the finger pointing down, it is in units of numbers.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

Participant raises by gesture

Sometimes a game can be won in a few seconds, but it determines who will go bankrupt and who will become rich overnight.

Online betting on cockfighting has become popular again in the Philippines after cockfighting venues were closed due to the outbreak.

The event organizers set up cameras on private farms to broadcast live cockfights online, and the scene was equally hot.

Online cockfighting has not yet been recognized by the Philippine government, so it is an illegal activity.

online cockfighting platform

However, the illegal cockfighting website has continued to grow, and even sold the broadcast rights of cockfighting events to various casinos abroad. Whether gamblers are in Macau, Vietnam or Thailand, they can fight the same chicken and place the same bet through the Internet. Commissions on trades often run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, officials in the Philippines have proposed that online cockfighting platforms also need to pay taxes like offline cockfighting farms, which means that online cockfighting may become the norm after the epidemic.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

International giants compete for the feed drug market

In addition to contributing tax revenue, the booming cockfighting competition has also driven the development of related industries.

From cockfighting seedlings, genetic testing, breeding, feed, medicine, and even specially trained cockfighting doctors, the Philippines has formed a closed-loop cockfighting industry from production and sales to after-sales.

The top cockfighting cocks are distinguished by pedigree. Those who are in short supply will choose cocks from local chickens, and those with money will choose to import Texas cocks from the United States. It is said that this kind of cockfighting cock can reach more than 4 times the attack power of local chickens if it is properly trained.

Bloodlines are important, but it still takes a breeder about two years to train a “chicken chick” into a qualified “fighting chicken”.

In order to cultivate the fighting consciousness of cockfighting from an early age, cockfighting cocks are kept in isolation, and the distance between chicken houses is not less than 5 meters. Cockfighting cocks are not allowed to stand on the ground, but must stand on wooden stakes or crossbars to maintain vigilance at all times.

Breeders also need to constantly hone cockfighting skills such as agility, strength, accuracy, and flight height. Those chickens that were eliminated in training or sparring ended up in the belly of the breeder.

After long-term training and countless rounds of elimination, cockfighting enters the golden period of fighting at the age of 3-4, and can begin to challenge competitions around the world.

Before each battle, there is also a set of fixed procedures to stimulate the maximum fighting power of the cockfighting cock. For example, the cockfighting cock is locked in a dark cage, blowing soot into the cockfighting cock’s eyes, stuffing peppers into the cockfighting cock’s anus, and even injecting hormones and stimulants.

All cockfighting cocks that have won more than 3 times in major events will be regarded as high-quality breeds and reserved as breeding chickens for breeding. Each egg can be sold for a high price of up to 20,000 pesos.

Even multinational companies like San Miguel, Novartis or Bayer are getting involved because of the growing demand for special feeds and medicines for cockfighting.

An assortment of cockfighting feeds

At the same time, cockfighting has also stimulated the development of local agriculture and increased the income of farmers. The production and sales of products such as incubators, whirlwind nets, fences, and drinking fountains are also very popular.

Cockfighting spawns two hot careers

Cockfighting has also spawned some traditional professions – knife bandagers and chicken doctors.

To increase the aggression, the cockfighting cock would tie a finger knife to his leg before the fight, and it was this thing that killed the hapless police chief.

The so-called finger knife is a sharp blade with a length of 2-10 cm. Generally, there are two kinds of blades: single-edged and double-edged. The specific binding is determined by the cockfighting owner.

Binding the blade is a technical job. The quality of the blade will directly affect the combat effectiveness of the cockfighting. Therefore, the cock-fighting knife master is also a traditional craftsman.

The cockfight tied with a knife, like a fighter wielding a big knife, makes the battle scene more exciting and bloody.

A fight can be as short as two or three rounds, but if the strength of the two sides is equal, it can be as long as a dozen or even dozens of rounds, and the decision of victory or defeat depends on who cannot stand up first.

As long as the cockfight still has breath, there will be first aid measures at the end of each round, and there will be a “doctor” outside the field who will sew up the wounds of the cockfighting cock.

Tying a blade is a profession, and so is a chicken doctor. The former is responsible for killing, usually men, while the latter saves lives and heals wounds, mostly women.

The chicken doctor is treating the injured fighting cock

If the chicken doctor is rejuvenated, there will be another fight after the injured fighting cock recovers. If the fighting cock is unfortunately killed on the spot, it will basically become a delicacy on the table.

Outside each cockfighting field, there are depilated cockfighting cocks for sale on the spot, usually for 20 yuan per chicken.

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