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Cockfighting game: In many cases, “confessing counsel” is also a kind of wisdom!

Go to war, cockfight!

The game is always and everywhere, it is in your life, it can happen at any time. Starting today, I will share some game theory tricks with you one after another. Today, the first thing I will share is the “cockfighting game”. One of the biggest inspirations of this game theory trick is that in many cases, “admitting counsel” is also a kind of wisdom!

Let’s take a look at what is “cockfighting game”?

Cockfighting game: In many cases, "confessing counsel" is also a kind of wisdom!

“The game of cockfighting”, as the name suggests, means: two roosters meet in a narrow path, and neither agrees with the other, and they begin to fight each other fiercely. You peck me, and I kick you. One’s eyes were pecked out, and the other chicken’s leg was kicked and broken. Therefore, the best result is: one chicken “admits” and chooses to retire, while the other does not.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

There are countless examples of the “cockfighting game” in life. For example, the quarrel between husband and wife is a typical “cockfighting game”. At the end of the quarrel, generally, there is always one party who chooses to “admit counsel” to the other’s nagging and scolding. It should be pointed out that in the “cockfighting game”, in addition to “confessing counsel”, creating an irrational and irrational image is also an optional strategy. People who don’t want to die can often force their opponents to retreat. “When a scholar encounters a soldier, he can’t make sense.” This is a typical example.

To a large extent, the “cockfighting game” emphasizes the concept of “opportunity cost”. If more opportunity cost is lost, it must be more rational, or even choose to “admit counsel”, and if the opportunity cost is low or even no , you can choose to fight against the water, meet the brave and win, fight to the death, and break the net. In reality, most of us are reluctant to face the loss of more opportunity costs, so in many cases, choosing to “admit counsel” is the wisest approach.

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