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Online Sabong game the brave who meets the narrow road wins

There is a group of people living on "chicken" in the Philippines

We continue to talk about game theory, and today I will share with you the Online Sabong game. Before we start, let’s hear a

Two roosters walk towards each other and meet on the same single-plank bridge.

Because the single-plank bridge is too narrow, the two roosters cannot pass at the same time, so they can only follow one another. When one side enters, the other side needs to retreat. 

The question is who will leave first?

Both roosters were very arrogant, and the one who went back lost face.

The two sides have been deadlocked is not the way, if we move forward at the same time, no one will let the other, what we will see next will be a lose-lose.

Imagine this picture, if you were one of the two facing each other, how would you choose?

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This is the classic cockfighting game model, also known as the cowardly game. As can be seen from the matrix: if both choose “forward”, the result is a loser, both will lose 2 units; if one side “forward” and the other side “backward”, the forward side will gain 1 unit , and the back side loses 1 unit of gain; if both “fall back”, then both lose 1 unit of gain.

Cockfighting game - the brave who meets the narrow road wins

The best outcome for everyone is that the other person chooses to step back and move forward. But the point is, in practice, who would back down? This depends on strength. Whoever is stronger and more confident is likely to cross the bridge first.

For example: in the animal world, many animals have a series of rituals before they start to seize territory, such as digging the ground with their claws, erecting feathers

emitting cold light in their eyes, and making bursts of low growls, etc., all of which are conveying a message to the other party.

I’m more powerful than you, run away quickly. If you are a little smarter and feel that the opponent’s strength is obviously stronger than yourself, then leaving temporarily is the best choice.

“When the enemy retreats, we advance, and when the enemy advances, we retreat.” “If you win, you Online Sabong .

If you don’t win, you run.” These are the guidelines for guerrilla warfare summarized by the seniors. If the enemy retreats and we do not advance, we will miss the opportunity;

if the enemy advances and we do not retreat, it is not wise to fight recklessly.

To win and not to fight is cowardice; and if you do not win and do not run, the capital of the revolution is likely to be lost.

Also, when neither side can fully predict the strength of each other, it needs to go through repeated tests. There is a limit to this kind of temptation.

Once the limit is exceeded, as long as one party cannot accept the withdrawal, the other party will win. For example, friends who play Texas Hold’em should feel more empathy, and push out all the chips in their hands at critical moments.

The purpose of this is to tell others: the victory or defeat is here, once I lose, I will be completely out, but since I dare to do this, It’s sure to be a win.

The opponents who are still on the court at this time, if they are not particularly confident, will basically give in, that is, they will not follow.

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