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Cops pat back over dip in cockfight cases

It is difficult to ride a tiger - the game of cockfighting

Vijayawada: After cockfights were banned in 2016, there was a steady increase in the number of cases registered against the prevalence of the blood sport in Krishna district, until recently. The drop in the number of cases registered has been drastic this Sankranti.

During the corresponding period in 2019, Krishna district alone filed 914 cases against those organising cockfights. In 2018 in both Vijayawada and Krishna district, the number of cases spiked by 250 per cent with 1,045 cases being registered.

Interestingly, the figures for 2020 show an inexplicable drop in the number of cases registered — 60 per cent.

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The number of people arrested too has dropped by almost 60 per cent.
Police personnel TOI spoke to maintained that the sharp decline was due to the effective preventive action taken in ensuring cockfights didn’t take place.
Around 200 habitual organisers were bound over under Section 106 of CrPC towards the respective tahsildar’s offices. They also cited that they have changed the strategy this time that they had targeted blacksmiths who manufacture and sell cockfighting knives to the organisers of the blood sport.
However, massive cockfighting events were organised with full media coverage at Nuzvid, Gudivada and Avanigadda regions which on all three days of Sambaralu.
And bound over cases were filed even back in 2018 and 2019 as well as a precautionary measure. Sources admitted that many events did take place discreetly in areas such as Nandigama, Jaggaiahpet and other places with local political support.
Apart from cockfight rackets, cops also cracked down on other gambling rackets such as ‘kotha mukka’ and ‘matka’ card games and recovered more cash this year. In Vijayawada, they seized Rs 4.4 lakh and registered 13 cases against 87 people.
Krishna district police unit registered 173 cases against 523 persons and seized Rs 10.1 lakh from them. Regardless of the enforcement, the bloodsport did take place unabated in suburban regions of Yanamalakuduru, Pedapulipaka and Edupugallu.

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