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Favorite 888 sabong event in the Philippines

How much do Filipinos love 888 sabong?

There is a famous proverb in the Philippines: If the house catches fire, the chickens will be saved first, then the wife and children.

In the Philippines, 888 sabong has long been a lively national movement. Whether it’s a large stadium in a city or a remote rural location, 888 sabong can be found everywhere.

In rural areas, the funeral ceremony is followed by the 888 sabong performance.

The sadness and solemnity of a funeral are gone, the coffin is left unattended, and the eyes of the cheering and betting people are only the rooster with feathers.

The bereaved owner, who should have been in the center of grief, saw this scene and couldn’t blame it at all.

After all, the more he wagered, the more water he could draw, alleviating the financial burden of having a funeral.

The government even publicly supports the pumping.

There is a policy that if relatives host an 888 sabong competition within 3-5 days of the death of the family member, 10% of the prize money can be used for funeral expenses.

The death of a relative has actually become an opportunity for the poor to get out of poverty overnight.

Not only the poor are addicted to 888 sabong gambling, but also the rich.

The national hero of the Philippines, the boxing champion Pacquiao, once indulged in 888 sabong, in his words, “It’s as exciting as boxing.”

The Filipinos also created a professional event – the “888 sabong World Cup” (World Slasher Cup).

This is the largest 888 sabong event in the world, held in a venue with a capacity of 20,000 people and held annually.

You can see more than 600 888 sabongs during the 5-day competition.

On the 888 sabong field,

the two chickens were fighting each other; in the audience, the cheers were roaring. The enthusiasm on the scene was no less than that of the real World Cup finals.

In addition to the 888 sabong professional events, there are more than 2,500 888 sabong fields all over the country.

According to statistics, 40%-60% of the population of the Philippines are involved in the 888 sabong industry, and about 30 million chickens die every year.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is “every chicken.”

The 888 sabong competition in the Philippines is more brutal than you might think.

Ordinary rooster fights will at best peck bald heads, but the 888 sabong in the Philippines is fighting to the death.

888 sabong’s feet will be tied with a sharp blade.

Instead of beaks, the two chickens kicked and attacked with the knives on their legs, stabbing each other until they fell to the ground.

With Blade’s assists, a round of battle can end in up to 10 minutes, and sometimes it only takes a few seconds to decide the outcome.

Such a fast-paced and bloody competition system is enough to mobilize the original excitement of the audience.

But in order to make the scene look better, people will take more special measures.

For example, let two 888 sabongs come into close contact and challenge each other before the game.

Just like before a boxing match, players are asked to talk trash to each other, provocation can also make the chickens quickly form a beam, and the competition will be more desperate, and the audience will be more excited to watch.

In addition, some people apply chili powder to 888 sabong’s anus to irritate 888 sabong; some people give 888 sabong drugs to improve physical strength.

The most ruthless is to apply poison to the blade of 888 sabong to increase the speed of bleeding and death of the other chickens.

The blade that slashed Sheriff Brock’s thigh was allegedly smeared with poison.

In order to win, chicken owners do everything they can.


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