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Go to war, cockfight!

Go to war, cockfight!

The cockfighting cock is long and resembles an ostrich; the bones are well-proportioned, dense and rough; the eyes are large and sharp, the beak is thick and short, the neck is thick and long; the feathers are thin, close to the body, and shiny; the wings are strong and beat powerfully; the legs Powerful, claws sharp and hard. In comparison, general domestic cocks have loose plumage, larger body size and smooth curves. They are more “handsome” than our fighting cocks, but in terms of fighting power, they may not be as good as us. After all, our cockfighting family has always been called “the fighting chicken among the roosters, the MVP among the fighting chickens”.

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Go to war, cockfight!

In the Philippine culture, the cockfighting family is very popular. Filipinos love cockfighting very much, and they are fascinated by the country. Therefore, there are many varieties of cockfighting in the Philippines, and there are too many to enumerate. In the eyes of Filipino men, two red-eyed roosters also symbolize bravery, vitality and martial arts spirit .888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

As the saying goes, “Not all chickens are called fighting chickens.” To be able to “fight” in a cockfighting arena like me, you need to have many excellent conditions:

The first is to have the character of not giving in and fighting to the end, this is the basic quality that every fighting cock must have;

The third is to have a good body shape, a broad chest, compact feathers, a small head and a big body, and thin legs and claw claws. This is the key condition for you to win the battle;

Fourth, you must have a qualified weight. The weight of a large cock is about 4kg, a medium cock is about 3.5kg, and a small cock is about 3kg. For a large chicken like me, the weight can be maintained at about 3.86KG;

Fifth, there must be strong legs, the curvature of the thighs and the open legs should be large, the thighs should be thick, the legs should be thin, the meat should grow on the thighs, and the legs should be skinny, so as to ensure that the thighs have strong strength to let you Jump higher; finally, you must have a pair of excellent claws, as the so-called “a good horse has a good saddle, and a good chicken also has good claws”, the claws should be large, thin, dry, long, and the angle between the toes should be Large, to ensure that the claw has a strong grip and is not easy to be knocked down.

In addition, the selection must refer to the standards of coat color, crown shape, eye color, etc., which are very strict, but this also makes our fighting cocks more valuable and less in number than other chicken breeds.