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Handicap True And False Analysis cockfighting

Handicap True And False Analysis cockfighting

Is the handicap true or false?

There is no match-fixing in the ball, and all the discs are fake .” cockfighting Not to say that all teams play match-fixing, but bookmakers can indeed grasp more real game insider than the average person or even the media, including team status, field conditions, weather conditions, playing lists, etc., and thus estimate the closest result (for some financial resources). Poorer clubs may even be bribed to create results), so there is no doubt that their predictions are more accurate than the norm despite a lot of surprises. And bookmakers open their doors to do business in the hope that the bettor is wrong, and the more mistakes he makes, the more he earns. As a result, they may spread false news and then use the market to guide bettors to bet on the wrong result. In this way, if we analyze the banker’s psychology by watching the market, we can know which team the banker is optimistic about, which can achieve a multiplier effect.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

Handicap True And False Analysis cockfighting

table classification

The market can be divided into betting market and conspiracy market. A betting game is a bet on luck. It is impossible for the banker to open a conspiracy game, and he will also adjust a few who are not sure to bet with you. This type of game is ambiguous, and there is a bet on which team, even if the banker will not lose a lot of money. .

Common markets are: tie; tie/hemisphere; hemisphere ; hemisphere/one-ball; one-ball; one-ball/ball-and-a-half; , During the World Cup, Brazil opened a two-and-a-half/three-goal handicap against China. In the end, our national team still lost.

Among the above markets, the hemisphere/one-ball market is usually opened by the bookmaker’s tempting bet, because if you bet on the upper market, you have to win two goals to win the whole game. There must be a gap between the two teams, but the gap is not very big. Most people will bet on the game and lose half of the game to win the game. A tie game is usually not tied, and a tie is not good for the dealer, because only 5% of the handling fee can be drawn for a tie, and the profit is too thin. The hemisphere is a gambling table, and it is the most dangerous. The half-ball game shows that the ball side has a better chance of winning, but it does not mean that it will win.

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