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This place treats “online sabong” as a custom

How to keep chickens from getting sick and grow fast?

Have you ever seen a cockfight? I haven’t, I’ve only seen online sabong crickets when I was a kid.

The legendary cockfight goes like this:

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This place treats "cockfighting" as a custom

Cambodia is a nation with a long history and unique culture, and they have many strange customs. For example, in folk entertainment projects, they have one of the biggest features, which is to let animals fight for fun. Their animal online sabong entertainment includes bullfighting, online sabong , and fighting fish, among which cockfighting is the most talked about. As the name suggests, cockfighting is artificially making two chickens fight. However, producing such an effect is not easy. Before cockfighting, chicken owners have to select strong roosters for domestication and teach them some fighting skills, which usually takes a long time and a lot of energy.

This place treats "cockfighting" as a custom

On the day of the cockfight, in the midst of the shouting, the owner of the chicken took his baby to the field and let it challenge the other chicken. When both roosters were angry, the cockfight began. They have a sound set of rules.

The online sabong competition implements a one-round elimination system, which is divided into sessions and person-times. Usually after the two chickens are on the field, someone outside the field will time the game and say that the game is five minutes. The more traditional online sabong competition adopts the timing method of burning incense candles. Generally speaking, the competition ends when one-third or one-half of the incense is burned. In such a short time to decide the winner, the intensity of the competition can be imagined! online sabong competition can be regarded as a “wrestling” competition between chickens. In this type of competition, chickens are injured or even killed in a fight. is a very common phenomenon. The scene of the cockfight was very tragic. I saw dust rolling on the field, chicken feathers flying, two roosters biting and kicking fiercely, and the cackling of chickens mixed with people’s cheers. The whole scene was very spectacular.

This place treats "cockfighting" as a custom

Although there is only five minutes, there is also a special rest period during the competition. This time is mainly used to restore the strength of the “chicken warrior”. At this time, the chicken owner will wipe the blood, water and fan the baby, and it looks like the boxing sports coach is serving his master!

This place treats "cockfighting" as a custom

Generally speaking, one of the two chickens will always be the winner. Although the winner was also bitten and kicked and bruised all over, it still looked arrogant. The other chicken was downcast, and some even lost halfway before finishing the game, and fled the battlefield in embarrassment.

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