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How to choose 888 sabong seeds

888 sabong Strong fighting character:

888 sabong’s fighting character mainly refers to 888 sabong’s aggressive character. 888 sabong’s ability to have such a character also benefits from thousands of years of inheritance and domestication. The specific performance is that when you see a chicken, you fight, regardless of time and place; no matter the size, height, or strength of the opponent; Has a very strong fighting ability!

2.888 sabong hard disk

Diskiness refers to the 888 sabong’s performance from start to finish during a fight. The performance of a good game is as follows: the front game is quick, violent, and merciless, the middle game is frequently attacked, and the back game can be tenacious and hard; Back off. If the front is fast and violent, stop the legs in the middle, and walk when the back is not lying down. This situation is the performance of poor disk performance, commonly known as “unsupported disk”, which needs to be adjusted or eliminated. There are quite a few chickens with poor performance like this in the actual fighting process. There are many 888 sabongs that look thick and strong, fierce and agile in appearance, but once the 888 sabong starts fighting, they will escape and not invade in the back. Therefore, for cockfighting, fighting is a necessary basis for choosing to reserve seeds, but hard disk is more important! Don’t mistakenly think that daring to fight is a good 888 sabong, hard disk is the key to victory or defeat!

3.888 sabong Play well:

A good 888 sabong should dare to fight, be able to fight, be able to carry, but also be fickle, know how to advance and retreat, and know how to avoid! To put it bluntly, it is about being brave and resourceful!

  1. Know how to hit: all-round legs, all roads and four or six hits; the top rate of legs should be high, at least 80%; the number of legs should be more, the frequency should be fast, and the strength of the legs should be Big! The shutter is tight, and the sticky hair is out of the legs!

Can carry:

Being able to pack means having a strong ability to resist blows. First of all, the neck will not be easily moved, and the head will not be stunned; even if it is stunned, it has strong recovery ability and can recover quickly and continue to fight; However, the head and face will not be swollen in a short period of time, and the eyes cannot be closed because of this.


Changeable is also a very important one, being able to adopt flexible tactics and not fight recklessly with the opponent. Find the tricks the opponent is most afraid of and attack the key points, but it is difficult to find a fickle chicken. Generally, fights are one or several styles of play from the beginning to the end.

Knowing to dodge:

Knowing to dodge is mainly manifested in knowing to avoid dodging immediately after the attack is completed, avoiding the edge, and not letting the opponent beat you. It adopts the methods of wrapping and leaning, drilling arches and fins, and hanging. Knowing how to fight but not knowing how to hide can only be called a “reckless man”

3.888 sabong has a strong appearance:

Strong physique:

Strong physique is the primary condition for selecting the appearance of the breed. A strong physique and strength are a basic condition for cockfighting in the fighting process. The plate is acceptable, but if you are unable to perform your skills in the middle plate, you can only be beaten passively! Having a good physique is the first condition for a good cockfight!

Good appearance:

Appearance mainly refers to body type and coat color. In fact, these two indicators have little relationship with the final result of the fight, but they are indispensable from the perspective of chicken taste. Chickens that are well-beaten, in good shape, and brightly colored have better appearance and natural value than chickens that are just well-beaten!

Fourth, there are few faults:

Since it is to choose to keep the seed, then the selected cockfighting cock is naturally the less faulty, the stronger the ability of the offspring, so that the level of the offspring can be further improved! What are the common problems of cockfighting? We look at it from the following three aspects.

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