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How to prevent and treat broiler chicken colibacillosis

How to prevent and treat broiler chicken colibacillosis

Broiler colibacillosis is a bacterial infectious disease. Chicks are more susceptible to infection, especially when they are 25 to 35 days old. The main symptoms are the following: 

1. Stillbirth, neonatal sepsis and omphalitis eggs are proliferated by Escherichia coli during the incubation process, and most fetuses die in the late incubation period or before hatching. Abdominal distention, omphalitis, diarrhea.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

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2. The sick chickens are lethargic, have difficulty breathing, and are accompanied by symptoms such as rales and coughs. The necropsy showed that the air sac was cloudy, the cyst wall was thickened, and there were a lot of white or yellow cheese-like exudates in the cyst cavity in the seriously ill, and the peak onset period was 6 to 9 weeks of age.

3. Yolk peritonitis and salpingitis mainly occur in adult broilers. Broilers show diarrhea, protein or egg yolk-like substances on feathers around the anus.

4. The main lesions of hemorrhagic enteritis are in the digestive tract, especially the small intestinal mucosal bleeding and ulcers. In severe cases, bleeding spots can be seen in the serosa, and bleeding in the subcutaneous connective tissue, myocardium, and liver. Thyroid and thymus enlargement.

How to prevent and treat broiler chicken colibacillosis

How to prevent:

Environmental sanitation and feeding management of chicken houses are an important cause of this disease. Excessive concentrations of harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide in the air in the chicken house, excessive flock density, insufficient feeding space and drinking water space for chickens, vaccination, group transfer, and nutritional imbalance all lead to the occurrence of colibacillosis. There are colibacillosis and more cross-infection with other viruses, we should pay attention to comprehensive prevention and control.

1. Prevent chickens from drinking contaminated water. To disinfect the drinking water of chickens, add 0.5-1 grams of bleaching powder per kilogram of water or 0.5 mg of Chlorine per kilogram of water.

2. Strengthen feeding management, reasonably control feeding density, prevent feed deterioration, provide high-quality full-price feed, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.