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Introduction to 888 sabong in the Philippines

888 sabong Geographical distribution Philippines

Reproduction oviparous.

Habits Cockfighting enthusiasts also have a choice on the plumage color of sabong. Generally, roosters are colored with blue, red, purple and soap plumage. The blue-colored cockfighting cock has jet-black feathers with a slight cyan luster; the red-feathered cockfighting cock has reddish-brown neck and back feathers, and the tail feathers are black or white sandy; the purple-feathered cockfighting cock has black-red or purple-red neck and back feathers; the soap feather sabong The plumage is dark brown and dull. In addition, there are white feather sabong, reed sabong, persimmon yellow sabong and so on. A small and firm head is an important feature of the sabong breed; those with filial ears, small and slender crests are the top grades, those with drooping and extremely straight mouths are thick, straight and strong and sharp, and those with sharp mouth shells are excellent individuals. The color of the mouth shell is yellow and white. The nostrils need to be large and long.


888 sabong eyeball

The colors are generally white, yellow and red, but white is the top grade. The sabong leg claw is a weapon for fighting. The legs are strong and slightly curved. The curvature is large and the jumping ability is strong. The muscles at the base of the legs are firm and powerful, suitable for fighting. . The distance between the legs should be wide, the claws should be thin and sharp, and it is suitable for winning. The bone structure of the whole body is tight, and the length and thickness of each part of the bone must be symmetrical, which is the most favorable basis for sabong to defeat the opponent.

888 sabong body shape

The physical characteristics of sabong are obviously different from those of domestic chickens. Its chest is wide and wide, and the plumage is compact, which is close to the body surface, and the body is firm; the head is filial, the body is tall, and the legs are thin and powerful. The weight is usually divided into 3 grades, the large sabong rooster weighs 4 kg and the hen 3.5 kg; the medium sabong rooster weighs 3.5 kg and the hen 3.25 g; the small sabong rooster weighs 3 kg Up and down, hens 2.5 to 3 kg. In addition, male sabongs can weigh up to 5 kg or more, but it is generally believed that their movements are slow and cumbersome when they are too large to fight.

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