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online eSabong overview

online eSabong is a bloody fight between roosters that are kept in a circular online eSabong arena. The chickens used in online eSabong are specially trained. Their physical strength and stamina are higher than ordinary chickens. At the same time, in order to meet the standards of the American game bird group and the old British game club, and to prevent a weakening of the fighting spirit in cooler climates, the testes and wattles of the chickens are removed.

Roosters have a natural aggression towards all males of the same species. online eSabong takes advantage of this feature. The breeders give the males good care until they are nearly two years old. online eSabong’s training is like a professional athlete’s pre-competition training. In games, the outcome of the game is often the object of gamblers’ bets. While not all fights result in death, online eSabong can sometimes result in the death of chickens on both sides.

The United States included online eSabong among its traditional sports for the first time. Since then online eSabong will be carried out all over the world as a mainstream movement. In some countries, online eSabong is regarded as a national sport and controlled by the government, and has become a sport that can generate huge revenue for the country.

online eSabong has created a grand scene for gambling. Historically, the online eSabong field was a term that was still used in the 16th century to describe a place for entertainment or crazy activities. William Shakespeare used the term to describe war zones in Henry V. In 1759, the British artist William Hogarth created the caricature “Online eSabong Field”, revealing the form of gamblers in the online eSabong field.

online eSabong regional differences

The form of online eSabong varies in different regions. In some places the natural spurs on the legs of the roosters are cut off and artificially fitted with something resembling spurs. Such spikes are mostly bracelets made of leather with curved sharp spikes. Just tie the bracelet to the chicken thigh when using it. The spikes range in length from about 1-2.5 inches. Spikes made of sterling silver were used in the online eSabong, the highest level in England in the 17th century.


In all kinds of barefoot fights, roosters are born untouched and sharpened, so there is no fork or strap in rooster fights, especially in Tamil Nadu, India. Barefoot fights are generally three or four rounds. There is an interval every 20 minutes in the three-round rotation, and an interval every 15 minutes in the four-round rotation.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Philippines, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Canary Islands and Guam have built circular theatres with seats or stands for spectators. This theater is similar to a wrestling or boxing arena, where cockfights may take place all day. In many countries, spectacular cockfighting scenes even attract the whole family. Cockfighting is as popular in some countries as baseball and soccer are in the United States. Therefore, when a cockfighting cock is strong or won a championship, its owner will also feel very proud.

In the capital of the Mexican state of Aguascalientes, Palenque, an important concert hall in the city, is also a cockfighting arena. At the San Marcos Fair, famous throughout Mexico, cockfights alternate between concert halls where many famous singers or dancers have performed, such as the Latin Grammy Awards ( Latin Grammy winners Alejandro Fernandez and Alejandra Guzman.

In Asia, cockfighting is prevalent in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. In India, cockfighting is a popular sport along the coast. Cockfighting in Tamil Nadu has been around for 2,000 years. The breed of cockfighting started from the jungle birds and spread to various places through mutation and spread. Cockfighting is also popular in Pakistan, and while gambling is illegal, it is often ignored by the police. Here the tall and heavy fighting chickens are selected, commonly known as “Sindhi aseel”, and although Islamic law prohibits fighting with animals, cockfighting is still popular in rural areas. Cockfighting in the Philippines, known as “sabong”, is a national sport that is divided into illegal and legal. Chickens here are treated the same as people. People feed them with feed, vitamins, and they bathe the chickens. If the chickens have been injured but are still alive, they are usually kept as breeders. Legal cockfights take place every week in cockfights, while illegal cockfights take place all the time. The Philippines has formed many famous lineages of fighting cocks. The Guam cockfighting event is held in rotation among the villages, and they will carry out the cockfighting event as a celebration of the village’s patron saint.

online eSabong Culture

online eSabong inspires artists in different fields. Several organizations, including the University of South Carolina, Jacksonville State University and London’s varsity football team Tottenham Hotspur F.C, have the online eSabong as their mascot , while the University of Delaware’s mascot is the fighting blue hen. Alex Haley’s novel Roots and its TV series build on the features of online eSabong. Including sports features in some movies have online eSabong, such as: 1965’s “Cincinnati Kid” (The Cincinnati Kid) and 1974’s “online eSabong” (Cockfighter) online eSabong has also become a major TV show and song Featured, some shows like: “Seinfeld” (“The Little Jerry”), “House M.D.”, “Drawn Together” and “Roots” Wait. Songs include “Four Kicks” by Kings of Leon and “Cry a while” by Bob Dylan. Tom Russell’s “El Gallo del Cielo” is an entirely online eSabong story, with lyrics detailing online eSabong venues, online eSabong and the gambling activities within them in imaginary art form.

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