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online sabong game rules

How to play online sabong games What are the skills of online sabong games?

The online sabong game is a kind of game for children in winter, this game can warm the body in winter. In many places, this kind of game is also called “knock the kidnapper”.

The rules of the game are that one foot is independent, the other foot is turned into a triangle shape with the hand, the knee is facing outward, and the knee is used to attack the opponent. If the opponent’s feet are on the ground, the battle is won. In childhood games, this is the most intense and manly game, but there are also a few burly girls who like this game, and the lethality is amazing.

This basic form of movement appears in the folk as childhood games, and it is called by various names.

Fighting crutches is a game to exercise balance and stamina. The game requires at least two people to bend one leg. Beijingers call it “bend the leg.”

In this game, one leg is crouched forward and can be held by hand. The two sides collide with one foot and jump, and collide with each other with the crutched leg. Whoever gets knocked out of balance, the crutched leg Let it go, whoever loses.

online sabong game rules

There are generally five ways to play in the folk: single-player, single-player, four-player, three-player, and melee.

Heads-Up: A game in which only two people collide with each other.

Single-player fight: One person will come out to fight, and the others who are unconvinced will fight against him. The loser is eliminated, and the winner continues to fight until there is no one to challenge.

Four-player fight: two people on both sides, one general and one general, can be caught and killed. Usually focus on attacking someone on the other side. After one of them is defeated, besiege the other.

Three people collide: Two weaker people work together to deal with a slightly stronger person.

Dogfight: Learning from the military chess method, it is mainly divided into two types – annihilation war: the two sides are separated by more than ten meters, and they rush to the other side with a single order, and the victory is to completely wipe out the other side. Both sides have their own barracks as resting places, their feet cannot touch the ground, and the other side cannot attack. But you can’t stay in the barracks all the time, if you stay in the barracks for more than the time limit, you will be sentenced to lose.

Capture the Flag Battle: After the formation of the two sides, put a brick or other object as the military flag. In the melee, the first to obtain the opponent’s military flag is the winner.

online sabong game tips

Thunderbolt: For the first round of face-to-face, after a long-distance high-speed sprint, jump high and slam the knee into the opponent’s chest. Use with caution for short people.

Lingbo Weibu: Every time you move, you slide past your opponents at an unimaginable angle, waiting for an opportunity to counterattack. This move is suitable for saving strength or delaying time to wait for rescue when the enemy is strong and we are weak.

Taishan pressing the top: During the confrontation between the two sides, press the knee and the calf on the other’s entire knee, and forcefully squeeze the other’s hands and let the feet touch the ground. Remember not to fall into the trap of the other party, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

King Kong Legs: Both sides are knee-to-knee, head-to-head, and focus on strength. If your knees are weak, use this move with caution.

Picking the pulley: Deliberately lowering your knees to induce the opponent to attack, then raising the knees sharply to lift the opponent and overturn them to the ground.

Acupuncture: Spotting the opponent’s weakness, hit the outside of the opponent’s thigh with the tip of the knee, making the opponent’s whole body soft and give up resistance. This trick is suitable for the confrontation between the two sides, with static braking.

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