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Philippine 888 online sabong industry

The 888 sabong industry in the Philippines earns one billion a year!

A while ago, the Philippine authorities passed a bill officially extending the tax tentacles to the 888 online sabong industry. In the Philippines, the enthusiasm for this game is no less than that of traditional gambling games such as roulette and baccarat. Therefore, it is natural for the government to be jealous of this “oil and water”.

So today, the editor will talk to you about the “888 sabong” with hundreds of years of history, the fighting “chicken” in the Philippines.

888 sabong history

It is said that long before the Spanish brought Catholicism to the Philippines, a fight between two well-trained 888 sabongs on the local coast began.

It is said that when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived on the coast of the Philippines, there was already a spectacular scene of chickens fighting each other. The Italian scholar Antonio Pigafetta described the situation in his description of the arrival of the Spanish fleet at “Polaoan” (now called Palawan):

“The people here have big, very docile roosters, and these chickens are not for eating, but the locals worship them. Sometimes they make the chickens fight each other, and everyone puts a certain bet on the rooster. , if the rooster wins, the prize goes to the rooster’s owner.” (From Jocano, The Philippines at the Spanish Contact, p. 80.)

Even today, 888 sabong still has a cult following in the country. In fact, there are more cockfighting rings here than there are churches here, some of those involved in this “movement” say.

Prosperous 888 Online Sabong Athletics

There is also an old and classic question in the 888 Sabong community in the Philippines – “The house is on fire, who will save first?” And 888 Sabong fans in the Philippines also gave the answer: “First save the cock, then the wife and child.”

This answer reveals that S888 Sabong is a decidedly masculine field in the Philippines. Sabong, which means cockfighting in Filipino, is the second most popular hobby in the Philippines after basketball.

888 Sabong is also a huge business. This industry has an annual turnover of over 1 billion pesos! Multinational companies like San Miguel, Novartis or Bayer are also competing for market share in the growing feed or feed market.

Since almost every community (Barangay) has a small 888 Sabong field, the number is far more than 10,000, and it even increases during the local Fiestas celebrations. There’s even a calculation that says between 70,000 to 130,000 roosters are bred to fight cocks every year in the Philippines.

In fact, the popularity of this sport has long surpassed your imagination. The Philippines not only publishes magazines related to 888 Sabong and the industry, but also has columns discussing the sport in provincial radio programs. There are also many special TV commercials selling 888 Sabong drugs.

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