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Philippine National Culture 888 online sabong

Filipinos love 888 online sabong, and they have become a national addiction,

Filipinos love 888 online sabong, and they have become a national addiction, which has long been famous. At the beginning of the 16th century, before the Spanish colonists invaded, the country had a history of two or three hundred years. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to count 888 online sabong among the “national quintessence” of the Philippines. In the eyes of Filipino men, two red-eyed roosters also symbolize bravery, vitality and martial arts spirit. Therefore, Filipinos compare the brave to chickens.

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Walking in the urban and rural areas of the Philippines

you can see all the chickens, and even put a cage of chickens on the streets full of traffic. Men especially like chickens, go out to visit, chat with people, also have a big cock under their armpits, and occasionally stroke chicken feathers with their hands affectionately. Filipino 888 online sabong is particular about feeding and taming chickens. Although there are some people who rely on drugs such as cocaine to make 888 online sabong more fierce, most people still rely on their ability to fight cocks.

Chicken training involves letting the chickens develop a routine and putting claws on the chicken feet like boxing gloves to practice attacking. Feeding is even more particular, there are wheat, oats, beef, vegetables, and even vitamins.

Although some people are too poor to eat enough they must give their best to the chickens first. The cockfighting cocks of wealthy families live in exquisite cages, and some are connected to stereos so that the cockfighting cocks can listen to music. On the battlefield, I saw them flying and beating, beaks and legs, their feathers were torn off like snowflakes, and their bodies were dripping with blood.

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The scenes at 888 online sabong are thrilling

In a pentagonal arena, when two roosters are placed, each chicken has a sharp blade attached to its leg.

The Philippine National Culture 888 online sabong event is usually held on Sunday.

There are tens of thousands of Philippine National Culture 888 online sabong farms on more than 7,000 islands throughout the Philippines. Most of the roosters participating in the gladiatorial fights are excellent breeds imported from the United States, with short bodies, long legs and long necks. The owner feeds them with high-protein foods such as cheese and meat, and spares no expense.

After several months of feeding and training, 888 online sabong wings have become strong and strong, and can lift a two-year-old child; its body is as strong as a wooden board, and it is not easy to be scratched; its legs are as light as a bow, and can jump to several meters high; The claws and beak are sharp and pointed, and can scratch or peck through a plywood.

In an 888 online sabong , the total number of bets placed by the audience reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dreaming of making a fortune with 888 online sabong is the mindset of many Filipinos. This is also the reason why 888 online sabong activities can be popular all over the country and remain prosperous. To this day, the Philippines is still one of the very few countries in the world that recognizes the legality of S888 online sabong.

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