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Philippines 888 Sabong fights to death the police chief

Battle 888 Sabong in the Rooster? Philippines 888 Sabong fights to kill police chief

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888 Sabong On October 27,

it was reported that a Philippine police chief was killed by a cockfight during an 888 Sabong event.

On October 26, an abnormal accident occurred in northern Samar, Philippines, when San Jose Township Police Chief, Lieutenant Christian Bolok (Christian Bolok) came to the scene of an 888 Sabong field and tried to collect evidence of 888 Sabong.

888 Sabong According to local media reports

the police chief, Colonel Arnel Apud, introduced that the police officer who was killed while trying to confiscate the rooster was rushed to the province after the femoral artery in his left thigh was scraped with a bayonet by armed 888 Sabong. A hospital was established, but he was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

My heart is heavy, we lost a brother who gave his life in the name of devotion,” Police Chief Colonel Arnell Aped said in a statement. “(Philippine National Police) to Pollock The lieutenant’s unexpected death offers his condolences and our deepest sympathies to his family and relatives. “

In a separate statement, Aped added: “This was an unfortunate accident and unexplained bad luck. When I received a report of this incident, I couldn’t believe it. This is me when I was a police officer 25. For the first time in years, I lost a comrade to 888 Sabong.”

Police made three arrests and seized two 888 Sabongs and two sets of Spurs in the raid on the town of San Jose, where Pollock served as police chief, Aped added.

888 Sabong is a popular and bloody event in the Philippines, where money is often bet on the outcome of a fight between two bayonets-equipped roosters – usually one rooster is sure to die. Legal cockfights are held weekly at fixed venues, while the illegal 888 Sabong, known as tupada or tigbakay, is held in secluded places where authorities cannot raid it.

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