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philippines 888 online sabong rules

online sabong philippines 888 live rules

How important is 888 online sabong to Filipinos? So much so that former President Ferdinand Marcos passed a “888 Online Sabong Law” in 1974 to “protect and promote the national heritage system”.

According to the Act, the 888 online sabong should serve as a tool for the protection and continuation of the Philippine Indigenous heritage, thereby enhancing national identity.

And the Philippine government has never banned 888 sabong. Marcos set up a committee specifically for 888 sabong, which controls the issuance of licenses for cockfighting and breeding at 888 sabong farms



The development of an 888 online sabong

So how do Filipinos breed and train their 888 Online sabong?

Filipinos who are not financially wealthy will choose their 888 sabong from ordinary, affordable local chicken. The top 888 online sabong is distinguished by blood.

If you have enough capital, you need to import a “three-piece set” from the United States, including an 888 sabong and two hens. “Three-piece sets” sometimes cost as much as $1,000 to $25,000. Their general name is “Texas-rooster”.

“Texas roosters” aren’t the good-looking kind, but they’re all about size — strong enough to have good stamina in battle. It is understood that the attack power of these imported chickens can even reach more than four times that of local roosters.

Most fighting cocks in the Philippines are bred on Negros Island. Here’s a playground for top breeders with domestic financial power, including politicians, or at least relatives of prominent Filipino politicians.

Breeding and selling are both risky. A well-trained 888 sabong does not breed on its own. As in the humanities, there are many different opinions on whether genetics and training are the key factors in determining a rooster’s ultimate success.

More 888 Online sabong trainers believe that the factors that determine a rooster’s ability to fight and ultimately win, such as agility, strength, aiming kick, and high altitude flight, all depend on the rooster’s genetics and breeding.

In fact, training can only improve a specific fighting style. A good 888 sabong trainer will always talk about how he trains on the farm, and finally achieve impressive results.

Usually, after purchasing breeder chickens, it takes about two years for the breeder to train these purchased chickens from “chicken chicks” (less than one year) to “combat chicks” (within two years), and after two years , these chickens will embark on the career path of “fighting roosters”.

Before becoming a real 888 Online sabong, if the breeders found that these chickens were weak in training or sparring, some breeders would kill the weak chickens in order to ensure the quality of the cockfight and the intensity of the competition.

Regarding feed, each breeder has his own “secret” nutritional menu. Poorer Filipinos feed their roosters with broken rice, vegetables and old bread. Richer people choose different types of grains, milk, cheese or apples, as well as food additives such as vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and even amphetamines (a central nervous system stimulant).

Vaccination of males is also usually necessary. It was also said that a noisy environment is also critical to the development of cockfighting, and that the roosters need to be kept close to the street in order to accustom them to the various noises that can be heard during the fight.

Six months later, the first “big test” comes, and the breeder will test the fighting ability with the help of another rooster.

Roosters are not allowed to mate with hens for a period of time before the competition due to the possible reduction in combat effectiveness. In addition, before the fight, there is a set of mandatory procedures to provoke or stimulate the 888 sabong to break out into greater fighting power, such as buckling the cock in a dark cage, blowing soot into the cock’s eyes, and stuffing the anus chili.

jilibet sabong

888 Online sabong arena

A town or bar in the Philippines usually has three landmarks: the church, the city hall and the 888 sabong field.

The start of the “battle” can be recognized from the small red flag at the entrance or from the shouts of the audience present. In smaller villages, cockfights tend to take place on days when there is a celebration, and in towns, mostly after Sunday Mass, so much so that there is a saying that “Sunday is also 888 sabong game day”. In Manila, there are 888 sabong games every day.

As of last year, there were 20 888 sabong fields in the Manila area with daily fights. The most popular are the following:

  1. The Roligon Mega Cockpit, Roligon Compound, 505 Quirino Ave, Parañaque
  2. Araneta Coliseum (scheduled cock derby), General Roxas Ave, Cubao, Quezon City
  3. Pasay Cockpit, 168 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay
  4. Delmonte Cockpit, Banana Road, Potrero, Malabon
  5. Texas Cockpit, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo
  6. La Loma Cockpit, 8 Calavite Street Cor. Blumentritt Street, Paang Bundok , 1114 Quezon City

Here you can find battles that last for days and also offer cash prizes of up to 1 million pesos!

The owner of 888 sabong has to deposit a considerable amount of entry fee for each game, and the winning points are recorded in the book so that it can be converted into a high prize in the end. And seats in the arena are not free, in fact, the front spectator seats may cost as much as ten dollars.

As a unique sport and culture, S888 Online sabong has been deeply rooted in the Philippines. Therefore, if you do not know about Online sabong, some readers who have lived in the Philippines for a long time may wish to try to appreciate it.

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