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The 888 sabong competition in the Philippines can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the competition organized by the owner of the 888 sabong; the other is the competition organized by the state. The roosters participating in the competition are divided into different groups according to their weight.

According to statistics, in the Philippines now, the total annual profit of factories producing 888 sabong feed and nutrients is more than 40 million US dollars.

888 sabong Benefit

At present, there are more than 2,000 888 sabong venues in the Philippines. There are more than 1,000 888 sabong venues with legal business licenses, and small 888 sabong venues are almost everywhere.

About 1.2 million 888 sabong competitions are held in the Philippines every year, with about 500,000 roosters participating. The winning rooster may earn tens of thousands of dollars for his owner.

888 sabong history

In my country, there were records of 888 sabong in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and later spread to Europe. However, fighting with a knife attached to a chicken’s foot is a product of the Roman Empire. Henry VIII was a fan of 888 sabong, 888 sabong became a formal gambling entertainment from him, which made 888 sabong more exciting and crazy. Later the Spaniards brought the 888 sabong into the Philippines. C08a According to China Daily

888 sabong is a national pastime and entertainment in the Philippines, and it is also one of the topics covered by major newspaper columns and radio programs. 888 sabong aficionados also take the opportunity to make big bets, and the owner of the winning cock and the punters who get it right can often make thousands of dollars in one 888 sabong match. But the 888 sabong event in the Southeast Asian island nation has caused an uproar over the backlash from animal rights activists, who believe the race is too cruel to animals.

888 sabong
888 sabong

cruel 888 sabong field is full of blood

Like most small towns, the 888 sabong field in the town of Compustella is a building with a circular roof, the center is the 888 sabong field, and the round building is surrounded by steeply arranged seats. Here, every 888 sabong game attracts about 600 people to watch and place bets.

Before the competition, rooster owners and punters carefully observe the size, weight and fighting spirit of the participating roosters. Use this comparison to predict whose rooster is likely to win the game. Although this is not an official event of the competition, it is an indispensable prelude to the competition.

Both roosters participating in the competition will be given a nickname, among which “Inirang” is the defender, “Bia” is the attacker, and the bettor is “Christo”. Before the game, people shouted loudly about the chicken they identified, and the scene was chaotic. The owner of the rooster will tie an 8 to 10 cm long blade to the chicken’s left foot, and then let the rooster flap its wings and let them attack each other without harming each other, thus triggering the rooster’s aggression.

After the game started, they let the rooster continue the fight. During the game, the majestic appearance of the strong rooster when attacking is not lacking in competitive elegance, which is indeed a pleasure for the spectators. But there are also heart-wrenching moments when the beaten rooster stands bloody, gasping for breath, clearly exhausted. Rooster owners and coaches are experts in provoking “fighting”, and they know how to keep the roosters motivated and keep playing in this situation. In general, an 888 sabong match is usually over within a few minutes.

There is another form of the 888 sabong game, known as the “Carrabora”. This kind of competition is even more cruel. A total of 8 roosters fight together, and the last survivor is the winner. Often at the end of the battle, the ground is covered in blood. Even the winner is already scarred and lingering.

888 sabong Cultivation, feeding milk and cheese at all costs

Although the arena is full of people and people are frenzied, the “Christos” will not forget their bets. One of the aficionados, George C. Amigamble, a stenographer for Compstera Court, said it was the excitement of watching and betting that fueled enthusiasm for the event.

In fact, most people just participate in betting, winning or losing money, but not many people know what the tricks are in these games. Attentive people may notice that before each game, the referee carefully wipes the blade tied to the feet of 888 sabong with alcohol, because some rooster owners often use any means to rub poison on the blade in order to win, In this way, as long as the opponent’s chicken is scratched, it has a huge advantage. The green color of the pool table will make the chickens feel scared and run away, so all the roosters are not allowed to be painted with any color during the game.

So, how did these 888 sabongs who participated in the competition get trained? It turns out that the owners of 888 sabong don’t necessarily feed these roosters, many of them are chickens that cost a lot of money to buy. The training of 888 sabong is very particular, those breeders usually carefully match the rooster’s food, in order to make them have better physical strength to fight. They often light a lot of lights in the chicken coop to make the roosters adapt to the light of the competition field. In order to make the roosters adapt to the noise of the competition field, some breeders also recorded the noisy sound of the competition site and showed them to these roosters. The roosters also brought the roosters to the arena to let them experience the life-and-death struggle on the spot.

The food that the roosters participating in the 888 sabong competition eat has special matching standards. Although there are some people who rely on drugs such as cocaine to make the chicken fight more fierce, most people rely on their ability to 888 sabong. Most of the roosters participating in the gladiatorial combat are excellent breeds imported from the United States, with short bodies, long feet and long necks. The owner feeds them with high-protein foods such as cheese and meat, and spares no expense.

888 sabong wake up

After several months of feeding and training, the wings of the horned 888 sabong have become strong and strong enough to lift a two-year-old child; its body is as strong as a plank, and it is not easy to be scratched; its legs are as light as a bow and can jump to several meters high ; claws and beaks are sharp and sharp enough to scratch or peck through a plywood.

888 sabong activities are opposed

The love of 888 sabong is not exclusive to Filipinos. Haiti and Indonesia also have 888 sabong traditions, and a considerable number of people in the United States are also keen to watch 888 sabong games. However, such competitions are made illegal in most countries.

There are many Filipinos who are trying to persuade the country to legislate against such games. According to Oscar Ray, a member of the country’s animal rights association, the Philippine Senate enacted the Animal Rights Act in 1998. Although his association lobbied unsuccessfully to ban the activity, the bill made little decision. . He believes that the effort has failed because there are also 888 sabong aficionados within the Senate.

However, the Philippine Animal Rights Association did not give up their efforts due to a temporary failure. The members of this organization still sent people to give speeches to students to publicize the cruelty and inhumanity of the 888 sabong activities, and also printed a large number of posters condemning the 888 sabong activities. Promotional brochure. Oscar Ray said, “The 888 sabong campaign misleads people’s values, especially those of young people, that gambling is part of Filipino culture, it seems that animals kill each other and bystanders make fun of it, and there is no such thing as What’s wrong.”

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