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Taiwanese tourists look 888 online sabong

The happy driver and the sky soldier who accidentally entered the 888 online sabong ring

Immediately, we stopped the car and said to see the 888 online sabong . We were very excited, and the driver couldn’t stop laughing, because the price had just been negotiated, and he got paid for driving for ten minutes after three minutes of driving.

The counter in the 888 online sabong field is very simple, and the handwritten price is also easy to understand: the entrance fee is 80 peso/person, and if you want to enter the rock area, you will need to pay an additional 100 peso/person. So each of us paid 180 peso to enter the venue, which is nearly NTD 105, which is a cheap entry fee!

The aunt who sold the tickets should be the only woman in the entire 888 online sabong field. Ah, and me too! ! !

After buying the ticket, you have to enter through the narrow and unsafe iron gate next to the ticket booth. Someone will open the door for you and enter the venue with the ticket.

But I don’t know why I don’t feel respectful at all, but I feel like I’m going to be eaten as a fat sheep.

Then I also photographed a very strange scene. When I was taking the cockfighting competition table before I entered the venue, I accidentally photographed a Fei Zai grabbing the iron railing and asking the sky speechlessly. To the soul, did he gamble too much and owe money to get out?


The true face of the bloody 888 online sabong field

In short, I bought the tickets and came in obediently. Oh, I am actually very excited~~ It is the first time in my life to enter the 888 online sabong field! !

jilibet Sabong

There will be a host and referee on the field, who will control the whole game and whoever wins. Basically, after buying the ticket, you can come in at any time you want, and you don’t have to worry about affecting the event. The rooster only sees opponents in the duel. After all, it’s either you or me! !

The environment of the 888 online sabong field is more advanced than I imagined. The whole size is probably like a boxing ring, but the fence is made of glass and wiped clean.

There are a lot of people outside, almost 90% full. I think all the men in Dumaguete City should come to the online sabong field to watch the cockfight! !

After we found an empty seat and sat down, a feizi dealer in green came over and asked us if we wanted to bet! ? You can tell by the way he counts the money that he must be walking sideways on the court~

But…I haven’t even started to see what the contestants look like, how do I know which chicken will win! !

How important is 888 online sabong to Filipino men? First declare that 888 online sabong is legal in the Philippines, and the government even set up a Commission on Game fowl to issue 888 online sabong field licenses. Here you must first know the salary of Filipinos. In Manila, the average daily salary of a Filipino is about 300 Taiwan dollars. Please note that the daily salary is not the hourly salary! ! And it is still in Manila. You must know that the Philippines is a thousand-island country. In other small islands such as Cebu, Mactan, and even Dumaguete City, the daily wages may be lower.

Also because of the optimism that Filipinos spend their money when they get it, they are even more stingy when it comes to betting on the cockfighting ring! I see that Fei Zai, who is sitting next to him, pays 50 peso or 100 peso once, and his arrogance is like a banknote is a hope~

Before the official start of the competition, the host will introduce the two chickens professionally and enthusiastically, but I can’t understand what he said. I can only judge which chicken is which chicken from the coat color. After introducing the net worth background of the two online sabong , a dealer on each side will start to see who wants to place a bet. After the betting is completed, the game officially begins!

After setting the position, first grab the chicken tail and let the two online sabong look at each other, see that the eyes are straight and red, confirm that the two chickens are no longer pleasing to each other, and you can start the game!

The online sabong rules are roughly divided into two types, one is based on time, and the other is a three-point landing. If there are two chickens in the same group, if the size of the chickens is very different, the farm owner will stipulate that the bigger chicken must knock down the other within a certain period of time, otherwise it will lose; “Knockdown” means the chicken’s mouth, breast, and feet hit the ground at three points. In addition, being chased by opponents and not daring to fight head-on or being kicked off the court is also considered a loss.

Is online sabong really cruel?

After watching three online sabong games and taking back 100 peso, we left.

This is the first online sabong viewing experience in my life, and it is also the first time I bet on the online sabong field. The noise and bloody storms in the field are still stirring in my memory. Compared with the dreamy Apo Island turtle the next day, Really the difference between heaven and hell (I mean for animals).

888 LIVE online sabong may seem bloody, but from a cultural point of view, it actually shows the majesty and arrogance of Filipino men. Just take a look once in a while. I also forgot the address after I left. Just like Peach Blossom Garden, you can accidentally find him, but the next time you want to meet him again, you can only rely on fate.

If you’re interested, maybe ask a tuk-tuk driver, give him a tip, and he’ll be happy to take you there!

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