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The main role of live bacteria microecological preparations

The main role of live bacteria microecological preparations

Establish and maintain intestinal microecological balance

When the aerobic probiotics enter the digestive tract, the growth and reproduction consume a large amount of oxygen in the intestinal tract, and the aerobic pathogenic bacteria are greatly reduced through “biological oxygen capture”, thus preventing animals from getting sick. Studies have also found that probiotics can orderly colonize surfaces such as mucous membranes, skin, or between cells to form biological barriers. These barriers can prevent the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms, occupy space, and compete for nutrients. Mutual symbiosis or antagonism, forming a protective barrier to prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, thereby inhibiting the colonization of pathogenic bacteria.

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The main role of live bacteria microecological preparations

Second, the correct use of probiotics

All along, for the health and growth promotion of animals, in the daily application of micro-ecological preparations, we have to choose suitable micro-ecological preparations according to the purpose of use, such as:

1) According to different uses, microecological preparations are classified into three categories: environmental regulators, pathogen control agents, and health enhancers;

2) In order to prevent diseases, the microecological preparations made by lactic acid bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, pediococcus, bifidobacteria, etc. should be selected;

3) In order to promote production and improve feed utilization, probiotics such as Bacillus, Lactobacillus, yeast and mold can be selected;

When using these micro-ecological preparations, it is necessary to fully understand the strain types and functional characteristics of these micro-ecological preparations, fully consider the anatomical structure and physiological characteristics of the digestive system of different types of animals, and do not blindly purchase and use them. Lactic acid bacteria preparations, while adult animals should use koji mold and brewer’s yeast preparations.

At the same time, experiments have shown that only low and medium doses of probiotics can effectively increase the daily weight gain of piglets and significantly improve the feed conversion rate, while high doses will affect the growth of piglets. .888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

Yifuyuan Animal Edible Mushroom / Yifuyuan Animal Edible Mushroom Liquid

1. Mix 0.2-0.5% Yifuyuan animal edible fungus liquid in the diet, add 0.5% when just feeding, and increase to 0.5% or more after adaptation.

2. For raising chickens, add 100-200 times of water to 0.25-0.5 ml of Yifuyuan animal edible mushroom liquid and the same amount of brown sugar (preferably honey) per day, and drink it up. The concentration can increase in winter and decrease in summer.

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