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The rooster that lays eggs, the online sabong among

The rooster that lays eggs, the fighter among the roosters, eats a chicken that earns 300,000 in 30,000 years

online sabong is also a traditional entertainment project in my country, which has always been active among the people. In recent years

with the broadening of people’s consumption horizons, people’s online sabong fever has continued to rise.

The traditional entertainment project of online sabong has also shown a strong momentum of development, and its artificial breeding has unlimited prospects.

Beijing Wangzepu Special Breeding Co., Ltd. will host the first national online sabong competition with relevant departments, which has added fuel to the already popular online sabong activity,

and the 100,000 yuan prize has also attracted the majority of online sabong enthusiasts eager to try. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 10 million online sabong enthusiasts in my country. In addition, Vietnam,

Thailand, the Philippines and other big online sabong countries need to buy a large number of online sabong cocks from my country every year.

Local online sabong is still fragmented and far from large-scale development.

The total annual output of online sabong is less than 1 million. The huge sales gap makes the cockfighting market full of endless temptations.

The rooster that lays eggs, the fighter among the roosters, eats a chicken that earns 300,000 in 30,000 years

The average growth period of online sabong in the Central Plains is 6 months.

The average weight of online sabong can reach about 3 kg, the average weight of hens is 2.2 kg, and the average weight of males and hens is 2.5 kg. 

Calculated based on the recycling contract price of 24 yuan per kilogram, the average income of each chicken is 60 yuan.

The 6-month growth period is put into slaughter, and the feed feeding is calculated in stages; the first stage: 1~50 days old is the de-incubating brooding period, each only needs 32 grams/day of full-price feed, a total of 1.6 kg,

and the market price is 2.4 RMB/kg, totaling RMB 3.84. The second stage: 51 to 110 days is the average feed intake of 56 grams per day in the youth period, and a total of 3.4 kg of full-price feed is required. 

The market price per kilogram is 2.2 yuan, and the total feed cost is 7.48 yuan per 60 days. The third stage;

110-150 days old is the growth and development period. In 40 days, a total of 3.3 kg of self-prepared feed is required, which is mainly composed of corn, soybean meal, grass meal, and millet bran. The market price per kilogram is 2 yuan.

 A total of 40 days of feed costs 6.6 yuan / only. The fourth stage; the 150-180-day-old fast fattening period, the feed intake per animal was 146.7 grams per day. 

Based on the market price of 1.9 yuan per kilogram, the total feed cost for 30 days is 8.36 yuan. The cost of fighting chicken seedlings is 12 yuan per bird, the epidemic prevention fee is 0.3 yuan per bird, and the medical fee is 1.2 yuan.

The online sabong of 100 chickens is 0.84 yuan if the death rate of chickens is calculated at 7%. 

Water, electricity and heating costs 0.5 yuan each. The total cost of 180 days of slaughtering is 41.13 yuan/piece, and the available profit = 60 yuan income – 41.43 yuan cost = 18.87 yuan/piece net profit. If the forest is supplemented by planting pasture

allowing the online sabong to forage freely, it can replace part of the feed, and the overall benefit will be higher, with an average net profit of 15-20 yuan per bird. If calculated according to the feeding scale of 1000 animals/person, a feeding cycle is 6 months.

The net profit can reach 15,000~20,000 yuan.

A year can get about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan in profit. In fact, each person can raise and manage 1500~2000 chickens, and the profits are even more considerable. Breeding online sabong is indeed a good project to get rich.