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These four online sabongs can beat the lions!

Online sabong can also be mighty and domineering! These four online sabongs can beat lions!

The types of chickens can be roughly divided into five categories, broiler chickens, laying hens, chickens for both meat and eggs, chickens for food and medicine, and fighting cocks.

The first four species are for food, the last category is for viewing. The cockfighting cock is generally tall and burly, with a strong physique and a long body, similar to the body of an ostrich. The beak is like an olecranon, the neck is long, the chest is well developed, the feathers are shallow, and the neck is thick and long. The main varieties of cockfighting include Central Plains cockfighting, Thai cockfighting, Turpan cockfighting, and Xishuangbanna cockfighting.

The Central Plains Fighting Cock is semi-ribbed online sabongs,

with a small head and a thin and tight scalp. The face is long and sloping, with fine capillaries. The crown is tumor-like. The wattle is no longer obvious. The beak is stubby and curved. The eyes are large and deep, with iridescent water white eyes and bean green eyes. The ear lobes are short. There are many kinds of feather colors in Central Plains cockfighting cocks. Black-feathered cockfighting cocks have luster like black satin, white down feathers on the abdomen, two white sickle feathers on the tail of the rooster, and a snowflake top on the hen. Roosters with red feathers are purplish red, the sickle feathers are all black or with white spots, and the hens are red and white with cowpeas.

Thailand online sabongs is an excellent breed of online sabongs, with bright plumage, strong and slightly curved legs and feet, compact plumage, close to the body surface, and firm body.

The crown of Turpan online sabongs is a short complex crown, and the crown, lobes and ear leaves are all red. The beak is brown, with a red fold of skin growing under the beak. The iridescence is reddish-brown. The coat color is black, hemp and light chestnut brown. The cock’s sickle feathers are black with a bronze sheen. The shin is flesh-colored and also has a blue color. Some have neck feathers and flesh-colored skin.

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Xishuangbanna online sabongs have a small head and a semi-fusiform shape. Bean crown, crown, ear leaves are red. Beak stubby and arcuate; yellow or brown. The iridescence is orange-red. There are many kinds of coat colors, with pure black, pure white and crimson as the main colors, the shin is yellow or slate, and there is no shin feather. Four toes. The skin is white.

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