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What causes chickens to pull white feces and how to prevent them

What causes chickens to pull white feces and how to prevent them

Microbial probiotics play a role by maintaining the microecological balance in the intestinal tract of animals, and have various functions such as promoting the growth and development of animals and improving the immunity of animals, and are pollution-free, residue-free, drug-resistant and harmless to the environment. A new type of green environmental protection feed additive. These probiotic preparations for livestock contain Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Streptococcus faecalis, Bifidobacterium, yeast, etc.

What causes chickens to pull white feces and how to prevent them

The main role of live bacteria microecological preparations

Studies on the establishment and maintenance of intestinal microecological balance have shown that the microorganisms inhabiting the intestinal tract of animals are mainly anaerobic bacteria. Under normal circumstances, the beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the gut will maintain a certain ratio. When the conditions change, the pathogenic bacteria multiply and cause a balance imbalance, which leads to disease in the animal body.888 live、888 live international、online sabong、online sabong 888、online sabong philippine

Introduction of Yifuyuan Animal Edible Bacteria/Bacteria Liquid

This product is a high-efficiency compound microbial strain developed by a special process from a single strain such as bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, bacillus, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, and acetic acid bacteria. Each gram contains more than 20 billion CFU of total beneficial bacteria.

1. Promote digestion, improve feed utilization, reduce feed to meat ratio, reduce feed cost, and improve economic benefits;

3. Effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases such as yellow, pullorum, and Escherichia coli.

4. Protect liver and kidney, regulate body endocrine, improve immunity

5. Accelerate growth and increase daily weight gain, which can make early slaughter;

6. Significantly reduce the odor of animal husbandry feces, reduce mosquitoes and flies, purify the breeding environment, and reduce respiratory diseases

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