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What is Online Sabong or eSabong?

The online Sabong or eSabong of online Online Sabong has been roaming around the Online Sabong community, and many people actually just make a living by acting. On the other hand, cocker ‘sabungeros’ can now bet safely online.

Online Sabong “sabong” or betting on live Online Sabong is an established tradition in the Philippines that dates back three thousand (3,000) years ago.

A gaming event is essentially placing two roosters in an arena and betting on the win between the two. The regulation of Online Sabong activities in the cockpit is regulated by the relevant local government department.

On the other hand, the regulation of online sabong or eSabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation under the PAGCOR charter, a fact that has been clarified by the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Justice.

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eSabong is defined as online/remote or off-site betting/betting on live Online Sabong matches, events and/or activities, streamed or live from cockpit venues licensed or authorized by the local government unit having jurisdiction.

The E-Sabong regulatory function of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is primarily undertaken by the E-Sabong Licensing Division (ESLD).

This includes developing the regulatory framework, processing applications, issuing licenses to operate E-Sabong, and other related tasks.

How does Online Sabang work?

The actual Online Sabong is played by licensed parties. As of May 10 (not yet updated), according to Domingo, only Lucky 8 Starquest of Atong Ang and Belvedere Corp.

of businessman Bong Pineda have obtained the right to operate sabong online after paying a performance bond of P75, according to PAGCOR chairman.

Thousands of licenses. The two are some of the biggest names in the gambling world, always associated with casino problems.

eSabong matches are being streamed live online and bettors can place their bets through different agents using different platforms.

Bettors must be a member of a platform under the agent to watch and place bets. Of course, you need a mobile phone or computer with Internet access. There are several apps for Android and iOS, but can also be viewed through the browser.

Online Sabong is no different from watching a real Online Sabong in the cockpit. The only difference is that it is done remotely and there are no noisy crowds.

Sometimes the crowd makes Online Sabong fun. A handful of people, including professional photographers, are fighting to entertain spectators and bettors from all angles of the fight. In fact, it is impossible to watch without betting. I think this is reasonable as they limit the bandwidth of the site to bettors only. Compared to live Online Sabong , eSabong also has a greater advantage as all spectators can watch the Online Sabong up close. Unlike in actual gameplay where it’s hard to see thrush fights, especially when you’re sitting away from the cockpit.

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Is Online Sabong Legal?

As mentioned above, eSabong is sanctioned and regulated by the Philippine government.

According to experts, Sabong is the P75B industry in the Philippines, and ignoring the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs here is no small matter.

eSabong is all about entertainment, gambling, business and livelihood.

Do I need to wager to make money?

If your purpose is to play to make money, then yes, you must wager. But if you are not used to gambling but want to make money, you can be an agent.

There are plenty of brokers who don’t gamble, and most of them actually make more money than professional gamblers.

Is my money safe? Is eSabong a scam?

Sabong is a gentleman’s game, and scammers have no place in this industry.

The operators of these games are licensed and the broker cannot run away with the bettor’s money or he will spend the rest of his life. Scamming a Online Sabong spaniel is the last thing anyone will do.

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