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888 online sabong pecked to death

The 888 online sabong game was pecked to death. The owner gave artificial respiration for him. The scene is shocking

January 27, 2012 online sabong, bird fighting competition. In the meantime, an 888 online sabong was pecked to death on the spot. The owner of 888 online sabong kept giving 888 online sabong artificial respiration while trying to save the life of the cockfighting cock, but in the end he was still powerless.


On the same day, in the cultural center of the county,

dozens of 888 online sabongs fought one after another, and the scene was intense.

Various varieties of 888 online sabong take turns to fight, fighting to the death. I saw some cockfighting cocks pecking at each other’s cockscomb with all their might; some leaping high in the air and slapping each other’s cockfighting cocks with iron claws;

Among them, an 888 online sabong encountered a tough opponent.

After being pecked in the neck by the opponent for a few minutes, it suddenly fell down, its claws pointed to the sky, and unfortunately died suddenly. The owner of 888 online sabong was heartbroken and gave the chicken artificial respiration with his mouth on the spot, but after many rescues, he was still unable to recover. The intense scene is shocking

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