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888 online sabong strange man

Yangzhou 888 online sabong strange man


Gao Jianpeng is an 888 online sabong enthusiast.
Although most of the time, his salary of more than 2,000 yuan is spent on one-third.

Although most of the time, his salary of more than 2,000 yuan is spent on one-third.

Many people like cats and dogs, but Gao Jianpeng likes chickens since he was a child. As a child, Gao Jianpeng loved watching chickens “fight”. “Two ordinary chickens ‘fight’ on the side of the road, I will watch it for a long time!” Gao Jianpeng said, sometimes even in a dream, he can dream of the scene of chicken fighting. After work, Gao Jianpeng was introduced by a friend and traveled to Anhui, Shandong and other places to watch S888 online sabong performances and learn about 888 online sabong. He stayed for several days. On May 12, 2011, Gao Jianpeng bought 4 fist-sized fighting cocks from a friend in Anhui for 400 yuan, a pair of male and female. He carefully selected and trained to cultivate the “combat ability” of cockfighting. Gao Jianpeng mastered the habit of 888 online sabongs being afraid of heat, and often took advantage of the falling temperature of sunset to “tempt” 888 online sabongs to come out for activities, and specially used DV to record the whole process of their “fight” as a souvenir. He made a special trip to prepare high-end food such as insects, eggs, and meat for 888 online sabong, and found that the cockfighting cock was not feeling well. Gao Jianpeng said that, like boxing, those who show their sharp edge at the beginning are not necessarily masters. On the contrary, those cockfighting cockfights with concentrated eyes and motionless physical strength are the real “martial arts masters”. Physical training is very important. Gao Jianpeng rubs the neck of the cockfighting cock, as well as more than ten movements such as cocking, pulling the leg arc, and raising the arm. Each movement needs to be practiced about a hundred times a day. The fighters contribute and the spectators are happy. Now, when Gao Jianpeng fights cocks in front of his house, the neighbors on Nanmen Street will come to watch the fun, “888 online sabong is still rare in the city, and occasionally there is a feeling of ‘bright in the eyes’. .” The residents of Nanmen Street said that the cockfighting performance is now their “pistachio”. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Yangzhou Phoenix Island Scenic Spot also specially invited Gao Jianpeng’s 888 online sabong to the scenic spot to perform for tourists. The most distressing thing for Gao Jianpeng is that he is usually alone in training cockfights, and he is a little lonely. “All the cockfighting cocks raised by myself fight each other, and I haven’t tried the chickens raised by other cockfighting enthusiasts.” He has not yet found any cockfighting enthusiasts in Yangzhou. According to historical data, China is one of the oldest countries in the world for cockfighting. The style of cockfighting has become more prevalent in the Spring and Autumn Period. According to its geographical distribution, there are mainly Henan cockfighting, Shandong cockfighting, etc., especially Henan cockfighting produced in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and Luoyang and other places. “If possible, I would like to set up a private ‘cockfighting association’.” Gao Jianpeng said, “cockfighting is still a meaningful sport. Raising cockfighting not only enriches oneself, but also makes one’s body better in the process. I hope More people can get involved!”

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