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888 sabong online is a fight with roosters

and the one who escapes is the loser. 888 sabong online originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and was very popular in the Tang Dynasty; the 888 sabong online activities in the Song and Ming Dynasties were not much worse than those in the Tang Dynasty. In the Southern Song Dynasty, some people set up 888 sabong online projects in the gardens of Lin’an.

Records about cockfighting can be found in books such as “Warring States Policy Qi Ce”, “Zuo Zhuan”, “Historical Records” and so on. In 679 BC, Duke Huan of Qi led the vassal states to crusade on the grounds that the Song state violated the “North Xingzhihui” alliance. After winning, he built a high platform to celebrate the victory by cockfighting. During the Warring States Period, in Linzi, the capital of Qi, cockfighting became a popular game. During the Western Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, cockfighting was very common among the upper classes.

The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of 888 sabong online, and cockfighting activities have spread throughout urban and rural areas

The crazy S888 sabong online activities in the Tang Dynasty also deeply influenced the Japanese monks, students who stayed in Tang Dynasty and diplomatic envoys who sent the Tang Dynasty, so that the cockfighting activities spread to Japan.

During the Apocalypse period of the Ming Dynasty, the literati Zhang Dai set up a cockfighting club at the foot of Longshan Mountain. Friends often came to 888 sabong online with antiques, paintings and calligraphy, Wenjin, Sichuan fans and the like as bets. This trend has been extended to the Qing Dynasty.

Cockfighting, has been used for gambling for a long time. 888 sabong online was an entertainment activity in the pre-Qin era, and eventually evolved into a tool for exaggerating the wealthy and gambling. The prevalence of cockfighting reflects the extravagance of the ruler’s life and the corruption of the social atmosphere. The ancients said that “playing with things loses one’s mind”, and this truth can also be seen in cockfighting.

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