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Have you ever seen the scene of online sabong?

What are the four major types of online sabong in China?

The online sabong game originated in Asia. According to its geographical distribution in my country, there are mainly Henan online sabong, Shandong online sabong, etc. In addition, there are online sabong produced in northern Anhui, Turpan and Yili in Xinjiang, Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, and Zhangzhou in Fujian.

The folks have Central Plains online sabong, Zhangzhou online sabong, Turpan online sabong, Xishuangbanna online sabong, etc. “China’s four major online sabong”, let’s take a look at the types of online sabong

vietnam online sabong

Vietnamese online sabong has no comb and earlobe, and its head is smoother than other online sabong varieties. The beak is thick and short, conical, and has no beak hook.

The neck is thick and short, and the body shape is also slightly round. It is as strong as a bull, with infinite endurance, amazing explosive power, super high intelligence, long life span, and fierce cry.

The characteristic of chicken legs is that the calf and feet are white quadrangular prisms, as hard as iron, with fine and dense scales, and the stalks are oblate and almost not long.

After mating with online sabong from other countries, the speed and endurance can be significantly improved

Zhongyuan online sabong

Zhongyuan online sabong is semi-prismatic, with a small head and thin and tight scalp. Face slope is long, capillary. The crown is tumor-like.

The wattle is no longer obvious. The beak is short, thick and curved. The eyes are large with deep eye sockets, the iridescence is water white eyes and pea green eyes, and the ear lobes are short.

There are many kinds of feather colors, the black feather online sabong feather color is rich and lustrous like black satin, the belly down feather is white, the rooster has two white sickle feathers at the tail, and the hen should have a snowflake top.

The red-feathered rooster is maroon, the sickle feathers are all black or with white spots, and the hen has the red and white color of cowpea. In addition, there are purple feathers, white feathers and flower feathers, etc.

Turpan online sabong

The crown of Turpan online sabong is a short compound crown, and the crown, wattles, and ear leaves are all red. The beak is brown with a red skin fold growing under it.

The iridescence is reddish brown. The coat color is divided into three types: black, hemp and light chestnut brown. The sickle feathers of the rooster are black with bronze luster. The shank is flesh-colored and also blue. Some neck feathers and skin are flesh-colored

Online sabong is a rare bird known for its good fighting skills, also known as fighting chicken, biting chicken, and army chicken.

When two cocks meet or fight for food, or fight for the mate, they can fight to the last breath regardless of life or death. It is a chicken breed for competition and entertainment.

The online sabong game originated in Asia. China is one of the ancient countries in the world that domesticated online sabong

From the Northern Song Dynasty to the present, Kaifeng Online sabong activities have been popular among the people.

From the princes and nobles to the common people, they all enjoy Online sabong.

Ancient verses such as “The sun is setting and the moon is above Online sabong, don’t ask the sky when you are drunk”,

The golden belt is resting and the geese are frightened, and Luo Yi is still online sabong” and other ancient poems vividly describe the lively scenes of Online sabong.

The long history makes Kaifeng people maintain a leisurely atmosphere of the ancient capital. Since 2009, the typical representative of Kaifeng S888 Online sabong “SJM” Online sabong as a brand operation promotion cockfighting brand began to go to the world

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