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Thailand online sabong field

Thailand’s online sabong field, the cruelty of human nature is vented here

“Sin” flows in Bangkok under the night. In addition to the neon red light district, there are also legal bloody fights everywhere. When one party pecks out the other’s eyes, hundreds of excited spectators will burst into cheers: “This money is full of money. It’s mine!”

The city is also nicknamed the “online sabong capital”, and there are 500,000 fighting cocks in the country.

It has a history of at least 700 years in Thailand,

This entertainment activity originated in ancient my country has been thoroughly carried forward in Thailand:

From the cockfighting ceremony when the wizards sacrificed and danced, until the Burmese army attacked, when the famous cockfighting king “Na Li Xuan” became a hostage, he once won the cockfighting competition to make the army withdraw: “cockfighting, bet on a country.”

Those in the know know: Vietnamese chickens are slow-moving with thick skins, Burmese chickens are fast but petite, and Thai chickens are known for their excellent fighting skills. Cockfighting is a symbol of national pride, male hormones – they praise a man and say he is as brave as a chicken.


Gambling is banned in Thailand,

Chess and cards are rare, Muay Thai and cockfighting are legal sports, and locals turn a blind eye to cockfighting gambling. Every year, many people are caught for gambling on chickens, but they wander into those hidden suburban underground cockfighting fields, and the tattooed gangsters throw bags of money on the table, and the Thai baht can be piled up to more than one meter high.

If you want to grow into a fighting chicken, you need to spend 2 years in the hands of professional cockfighters handed down from generation to generation, high-protein feed plus actual combat drills, and if you can’t eat well, you must ensure that the chicken eats well – until you develop strong muscled thighs and resilience.

All aspects are trained as professional gladiators:


Only the online sabong who fights to the last moment can be called a chicken

. Their sharp beaks and claws are even daunting to humans – their wings can knock down a few-year-old child, their bodies are rigid, they can jump several meters high, and their claws can scratch through plywood.


After becoming pros, they play 40 games a year. Before the game, the owner will help them “kill the chicken” by massaging the head and neck, pour glucose solution and prescribed strong medicine into their mouths, and smear chicken blood on their necks to stimulate murderous aura.

The pitch of the rooster’s hind paw is already sharp enough, and some black-hearted people will put a blade on the chicken’s foot – one paw down, the belly will be ripped open;

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This is a bloodier scene than Muay Thai, and a scene of instant riches:

Banjerd Janyai, the manager of the underground casino, said that a bet on a cockfight can be as high as 22.2 million baht (about 4.4 million yuan). Every year, all Thai people stare at the chicken king competition and the red and white battle. The winning chicken king can be auctioned for a high price of 600,000 yuan, and the chicken king’s feathers will also be collected as a mascot.

It may be difficult for you to understand, as Thailand, where 90% of the people believe in Buddhism, why this kind of cockfighting, which seems to be opposed to goodness, can be continued and even legally open to competition. Some people say that the Thai people are tolerant and need a form of pouring out what is not gentle in human nature.

People who love the sport claim, “This is to protect the ancient Thai culture and pass it on to the next generation.” Animal protectionists believe that it’s not just the inferiority of people’s penchant for bloody fights

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