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The online sabong casino directly becomes a slaughterhouse!

Have you seen online sabong? It’s not the cockfighting game you played when you were young, it’s real online sabong! As long as there are people, any animal can be used as a tool for gambling, which is not surprising.

online sabong will talk about the 100 billion business opportunity of gambling establishments in Southeast Asia – sabong culture from the latest news hotspot, the chicken racing incident in a Taiwanese casino.

online sabong
online sabong

Taiwan Casinos Arrested! Gamblers flee in fright, online sabong is still dedicated

Chickens fly dogs jump! A few months ago, the police cracked down on a Taiwanese underground casino in Pingtung, and the gamblers and casino staff were brought to justice for gambling crimes.

Although the gamblers ran away in fright, the sabongs were still fighting ecstasy, the blood was stained with blood, and they didn’t know if the owner had been arrested.

These two sabongs are really dedicated, and the public opinion on this incident is also on the Internet. Fermentation, most people think that it is cruel to use animals to gamble. If you dare to ask, eating KFC is not cruel (hey XD

Taiwanese casinos may have heard of horse racing

but this is the first time they have heard of online sabong, and you even think it is cruel, and you may bring out the animal protection law to tell me. But what you don’t know is that online sabong is available in gambling establishments in many countries, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

The sabong game is the most fashionable local sport! When I traveled to the Philippines a few years ago, I was lucky enough to watch a few sabong matches, and I will tell you about it by the way.

Raising a good online sabong will allow you to live comfortably for the rest of your life!

When I first came to the Philippines and walked out of the alleys of restaurants, I was frightened by the sight of chickens. Some chicken feet were tied to the door of the house, and some were held in the arms like pets and walked out. I later Only then did I realize that these roosters are not poultry, but the protagonist we are going to discuss today: sabong.

Sabong is the largest national event in the Philippines

Many villages have chicken farms, and various large and small chicken competitions are staged in the streets and alleys every day. I was still in a metropolitan area like Manila, and I saw large advertisements for online sabong competitions. If you have a little bit of traveler sensitivity, these messages clearly tell you: Filipino sabong is legal.

When a Filipino man catches fire at home, save sabong first and then his wife and children

“If there was a fire at home, would you save the chicken first or me?” The above is purely a joke, but do you know that online sabong’s bets in large gambling establishments do not lose at all in the international handicap.

The starting point is tens of thousands of Taiwan dollars, and the team that wins the sabong competition can get a prize of about 5 million Taiwan dollars at most.

Chickens that often win are regarded as breeders dedicated to breeding. The average price per egg is 13,500 Taiwan dollars, while ordinary duck eggs only cost 6-7 yuan per egg.

Just a “chicken fight” in a few seconds can determine whose owner will have enough food and clothing for the rest of his life.

After listening to it, do you also feel that… Don’t say it is more important than your wife and children, the price of sabong at home is worth more than your own life! !

online sabong
online sabong

Online sabong game, this is a duel between chickens and chickens!

It is said that sabong is a national event in the Philippines. There is an online sabong channel on the Philippine TV station, which broadcasts the game live, and the finale sabong game will be held in a large stadium in Manila. I can only say that these sabong players are worthy Than a big-name athlete!

It’s just that Filipino sabong has nothing to do with sports

It is purely for gambling, and it is also a legal gambling project recognized by the country. This is the same as many fake fans watching football games. In fact, they only care about whether they win money or not.

I watched the sabong competition several times, it was a bit like the real version of Pokémon (two fire pheasants??), when the chickens kept attacking their opponents, the atmosphere was tense and crazy, and the scene was full of “chicken” love.

There are different rules for sabong in different countries. Let us understand the differences between casinos in Taiwan and casinos in the Philippines.

Introduction to the traditional sabong rules – sparring

On the sabong field, each game lasts 10 minutes, and the winner can only be stopped. Both chickens will have blades tied to their legs. When the knife sees blood, it will make you sweat. When the two chickens are exhausted, they will be sprayed with water to wake them up and continue to fight until one chicken lies on the ground. start, the game is over.

In the sabong competition, there is a term called “cockfighting three leisure”

It is to adjust the state of the chicken. During the sabong game, the owner has three chances to stop, which is called “three leisure”. The owner of the first two idlers can go forward to appease his chicken, feed it water or food, take a short rest and continue on the battlefield. And for the last idle time, the owner can’t go forward, he can only let the chicken adjust itself, and then enter the competition. The owner of the winning side can get the highest glory and bonus, and the owner of the champion chicken even looks like a hero, and someone will ask you for an autograph while walking on the road. For Filipino men, sabong is equal to their own body, and it seems that they are not fighting chickens but themselves.

Introduction to the rules of Taiwan sabong—high and low chicken

Taiwanese love to gamble, and even the way of playing sabong games is different. The style of sabong in casinos in Taiwan is different from that in the Philippines. In addition to the sparring matches common in casinos in Southeast Asia, a timing-based hi-lo game has also been developed.

The sparring match is regardless of the size of the chicken, and it is also a relatively traditional style of play.

As for the competition between high and low chickens, the size of the chickens is firstly distinguished, and the larger ones are called high chickens; otherwise, the smaller ones are called low chickens. If the high chicken fails to defeat the low chicken within the specified time, the low chicken wins.

Generally speaking, the conditions for a chicken to be judged as defeated include: being unable to get up after the chest touches the ground for 3 seconds, unable to stand up after squatting for 20 seconds, being beaten out of the field, and crying around the field.

Online sabong gambling establishments have huge business opportunities, providing millions of job opportunities

Even if it goes against human values, sabong in the Philippines brings huge business and job opportunities, and millions of people are engaged in sabong-related jobs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, physical chicken racing gambling venues have been restricted, but online sabong is still booming. Online sabong platforms are not only legally authorized by the government, but people can also watch chicken racing online 24 hours a day and place bets.

To put it bluntly, the popularity of sabong is based on gambling.

Filipinos believe in luck and opportunities. Poor people gamble when they get money, and even rich people run to sabong fields with chickens in their hands. When I was traveling in Manila, the taxi driver bragged to me that his luckiest sabong bet won a refrigerator, which was more than his hard-earned monthly income. So I will say this, the gambling of the poor is to make a living, while the gambling of the rich is entertainment!

So do you also believe in luck and chance? Miracles can be created in online sabong!

Although there is no sabong game full of passion, you know that in addition to sabong, animal events popular in many gambling places in the world, such as exciting horse racing and dog racing, can also bet on online sabong casino, and the level of fun Also do not lose online sabong! !

we also have

Baseball, ice hockey, NBA, tennis, football, e-sports… and other events, the sports open dual system gives you multiple choices of experience. Before, there were members who took advantage of the dual platforms and bet on both sides of certain events, so that they could win 2 times the profit. Let me give you a reference! In addition, online sabong‘s sports system is also the most comprehensive in Taiwan, with live scores, match results, film and television entertainment and live sports broadcasts, providing members with the first-time information on the process and outcome of the game!

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