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Turpan online sabong


Turpan online sabong is known for its blood-red cockscomb, gorgeous feathers, high-spiritedness, and lively air. When it was the prototype of squeaking and chirping, the owner picked one out of a hundred and carefully selected it as the first round of elimination. After several months With careful care, after the chick has turned from fluffy to a proud fighting cock, the owner will make a second elimination, and the rest are bright eyes, flashing light of challenge, wearing bright feathers and glaring at the proud head, a pair of blue veins bulging tendons. A sturdy cockfighting cock, after the cockfighting cocks selected by the owner from the weight, alertness, aggression and observation, draws accurate conclusions and identifies the best cockfighting cocks, they have to go through some hard training. This kind of training needs to start from the mouth. , feet, wings, eyes, tendons, feed, etc., carefully cultivate, strengthen training, and finally compete in the online sabong field.

Generally speaking, the online sabong in Turpan must have a strong height, strong legs, handsome neck, thick and short mouth, thick chest, protruding muscles, pale golden feet, bright eyes, sharp eyes, fierce and tenacious, pure and pure. Basic Features.

Turpan online sabong

Erbao Township, Sanbao Township, Aidinghu Township, Yaer Township, Grape Township, Hongliuhe Gardening Farm, Shengjin Township, Chatkal Township, Qiquanhu Town, Daheyan Town, Corps in Turpan City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region The 221st Regiment of the Third Agricultural Division, Qiketai Town, Pizhan Township, Dikan Township, Dalangkan Township, Tuyugou Township, Lukeqin Town, Lianmuqin Town, Dongbaza Township, Tuokexun, Shanshan County County Golebuyi Township, Bostan Township, Xia Township, Yilahu Township, Alehui Town 24 townships, farms, and groups are currently under the jurisdiction of the administrative area

Online sabong varieties

Local native chickens.

Conditions of origin of online sabong

Located in the Turpan area, known as the “Fire Island”, it has an extreme ecological environment with low altitude (-155m) and high summer temperature (ground temperature 76°C to 80°C).


The brooding period is fed with full-price compound feed, and the breeding period is mainly fed with corn, wheat, white sorghum, miscellaneous grains and other feeds. For fighting cocks, eggs and beef are appropriately added to enhance the fighting ability.

Feeding management

  1. Chicks: Within 1.5 to 2 days after hatching, only water is given, no food is given, and the remaining yolk in the abdomen is absorbed and the digestive ability is enhanced before feeding. Best to feed steamed millet mixed with egg yolk.
  2. Winter: The temperature is low, mainly corn is fed, and some animal meat is appropriately added to prevent fat loss.
  3. Spring: After warming up, it is advisable to feed light grain feeds, especially sorghum, and appropriately add some millet and barley to prevent over-fat.
  4. Summer: Mainly to avoid the heat and cool down, raise half and half of Chinese vegetables, if the chicken is thin, you can add some raw tofu and cooked mung beans.

5.1 Training: 1st training starts at the age of 8 months, including chicken-to-chicken fighting training; three days before the battle, they should be kept under the hood for absolute quiet rest throughout the day, and all activities should be stopped except for water and food.

  1. Environmental and safety requirements: The prevention and control of epidemic diseases must comply with relevant national regulations and must not pollute the environment.
  2. Slaughter

Stop eating for 24 hours before slaughtering. At 7 to 8 months old, the rooster weighs 2.96 to 4.22 kg and the hen 2.58 to 3.10 kg.

Six, online sabong quality characteristics

  1. Sensory Features:

(1) Live chickens: The coat color is mixed, with black, light hemp and chestnut brown, mostly black, with plump and shiny feathers; the top of the rooster’s head is wide, flat and long, the beak is short and curved, and looks like a snake head with red eyes. The rooster has a burly appearance, high legs and long neck, a strong body, and well-developed chest muscles. The skin color of Turpan cockfighting cocks is mostly red, and the hens are white; the shanks are mostly flesh-colored, and some are black.

(2) Chicken: The rooster has thick skin, high collagen content, low fat content, and delicious and chewy meat. The muscles of male hens are mostly white, and the muscles of fighting roosters are red. After boiling and cooking, the broth is milky white and has a strong fragrance.

  1. Physical and chemical indicators: 12-month-old muscle physical and chemical indicators are as follows:

Project Indicator

Protein (%) ≥ Rooster 22.9

Hen 19.6

Crude fat (%)≤ cock 1.61

Hen 12.7

Moisture (%)≤ Rooster 75.8

Hen 67.0

  1. Safety and other quality and technical requirements: Product safety and other quality and technical requirements must comply with relevant national regulations.


Turpan online sabong is a protected geographical indication product.

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