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What is jilibet Sabong

jilibet Sabong

jilibet Sabong

The jilibet Sabong is a long rooster breed developed in southwestern jilibet Sabong Turkey near the city of Denizli. Their calls can last 15 to 35 seconds. However, their chirping time decreases after age 3. Denizli rooster calls are divided into three types: Ching, Davudi (middle) and Thick. Davudi has a distinctive and clear call.

jilibet Sabong
jilibet Sabong

jilibet Sabong Features

The jilibet Sabong has a deep chest and a distinctive squirrel tail. Its neck and legs are long and slate blue. It has a pink crown and its face and earlobes are red. Unfortunately, jilibet Sabong chickens are not very reproductive, so it is recommended to have one male per 3 females per pen. Their appearance is challenging and their eye color is black.

Males weigh approximately 3-3.5 kg (7-8.5 lbs), while hens weigh 2-2.5 kg (5-6 lbs).

jilibet Sabong variety

This breed comes in 5 different color varieties; Demirkyr (balanced mix of black and white); Pamukkyr (mostly white feathers instead of black); Kinali (red spots on wings); Al (red) (red and A mix between black); black (completely black, no white feathers).

jilibet Sabong egg production

Denizli hens lay about 70 to 140 eggs a year, but they rarely hatch eggs. The variety is slow growing and fully matures at 8 months of age.

Denizli history

Denizli is a rooster breed developed in the city of Denizli, Turkey. Its main appeal is its long singing ability, ranging from 15 to 35 seconds in the first year.

This long singing breed has become a symbol of the city of Denizli and is gaining popularity across Turkey for its color and long, beautiful, harmonious call. According to some theories about the breed’s origin, long-crested Berat roosters were brought to Istanbul from Albania during the Ottoman Empire and later to Denizli, where they were crossed with local birds to produce Denizli roosters The first specimens. This theory is still highly debated, as there is not much similarity between the two species in terms of body color and structure.sabongs

Denizli Rehab

Its population is being observed to be decreasing and an aggressive conservation plan is being developed by the Lallahan Central Institute of Animal Husbandry to keep it from extinction.888 Sabong

The Curious Case of Denizli

It has been a symbol of the city and province of Denizli for at least nine hundred years. In 2013, Turkey’s largest glass sculpture, showing the giant Denizli rooster, was inaugurated at Delikliçınar Square in the city of Denizli to commemorate the breed, following a survey to identify the statue in the newly renovated square. In 2010, a video of a rooster crowing for more than 20 seconds titled “Death Metal Rooster” went viral on YouTube.jilibet Sabong

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