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The online eSabong goddess in the mountains

She decides to concentrate on doing what she really loves – online eSabong Bullfighting, online eSabong, birdfighting, and dogfighting are very popular in southeastern Guizhou, and even in the entire Yunnan-Guizhou area where ethnic minorities gather. “It’s a pity that you missed Miao Nian, the atmosphere of online eSabong was strong at that time.” Chang […]

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online eSabong overview online eSabong is a bloody fight between roosters that are kept in a circular online eSabong arena. The chickens used in online eSabong are specially trained. Their physical strength and stamina are higher than ordinary chickens. At the same time, in order to meet the standards of the American game bird group […]

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What is Online Sabong or eSabong?

The online Sabong or eSabong of online Online Sabong has been roaming around the Online Sabong community, and many people actually just make a living by acting. On the other hand, cocker ‘sabungeros’ can now bet safely online. Online Sabong “sabong” or betting on live Online Sabong is an established tradition in the Philippines that […]

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